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You were back to square one, tied up in the same chair you were all those weeks ago. You wanted to get your way out with one simple move but as Tony already knew the truth, it was only time to tell him everything. So when he came to interrogate you, you told him all you've been keeping, from the reason why you were in the bunker, why you lied, where your parents actually are and how you wanted information from him about them after they cut you off in your teenage years when they found out about your powers going wrong, to the simple jokes of letting you go.

"Wanda, get in here!" He yelled, clearly pissed with you and the girl walked in, an angry look sat upon her face, upset that you lied to her. "Read her mind."

"You can't do tha-'' I tried but was cut off with the billionaire telling her to get to it.

She tried to enter my mind, her eyebrows furrowing in confusion when she couldn't. "I can't." She said quietly and Tony looked at you.

"What are you doing?" He seethed, a small smirk at your lips.

"I found it out myself, impressive right?"

He sat back, thinking for a little before his shoulders raised in a slight shrug, "it is... impressive," Wanda stood behind him, giving up on trying to get into your mind as you had put a block to it with your own powers that they didn't know about. "Let her go."

"What?!" Steve stepped in.

"I said let her go," Steve wanted to say something against him but just sighed as he came behind you to untie you once more, "you work for us now, you have no choice." He said before he got up as your hands dropped, bringing them in front of you to rub your wrists soothingly. Steve and Tony walked out after Wanda left but you stayed seated, not wanting to move because you were so tired of everything that had been happening.

"So let's get everyone ready and go back to the bunker, find what she was looking for before he does," Steve suggested, Tony looking at him with question, "it's our only option."

"Wanda, go get Nat." Wanda left after Tony told her to, they weren't ever going to trust you after this but you were fine with it, you didn't need them.

You sat in the back of the jet, Natasha in front of you as Tony and Steve sat up in the cockpit. Wanda was made to stay behind as they didn't need many people for this small mission they had forced you to go on. You kept your head low, not looking up when you felt the assassin's eyes burn in on you. You felt weak for once. Whether that was lack of sleep or you were finally losing your abilities, you were worn out. "5 minutes until landing." Steve announced to both you and Natasha but neither of you said a word.

The jet landed 50 feet from the bunker and you were forced out by Natasha, still not trusting you weren't going to run off. You all walked over to the small hatch in the ground as you walked down the narrow stairs, Steve in front with his shield out ready for anything that might jump in front of him to attack. Tony was behind him with Natasha behind you, a gun pressed to your back so she could easily have you dead if you tried anything stupid. The thought may have eased her but you knew it wasn't possible, not that way anyway. You all crept down the hall, it being too quiet for anyone's liking. You were all ready incase something were to make a move, they were all ready incase you were to make a move.

"Y/n, lead the way." Natasha pushed you in front of the two men and and you carried on walking at your own fast pace, unbothered by what could get you.

There was a lot of turning and you had no idea where you were going as you didn't find anything the first time you came, all because they had took you with them. "Stay there." You told the other and you walked down the hall, triggering all the wires that had been set up, all exploding behind you, not harming you in any way. "Okay, follow me." Steve closed his mouth after gaping at you before clearing his fault and following Natasha and Tony.

"Split up, me and Steve will take the left wing. Natasha, Y/n, You're on the right."you nodded at his orders and went our separate ways.

you slipped off into a room on my right, searching through all the draws hoping to find anything useful. "Anything?" Natasha asked and you shook me head no before leaving once more.

"Look out!" you called but she fell back with a stubble after a shot was fired off, "I did warn you." You shrugged and charged at the three men standing in front of you, swiping them off their feet as they fell on their back. One of them grabbed your ankle but you heated yourself up making him burn his hand which caused him to yell out in pain. The man to your left fell down as a shot from Natasha plowed through his chest, leaving him lifeless on the floor beneath you.

You grabbed the one man who wasn't crying for help by his throat as you heated your hand up, burning right through his neck making him drop to his death. " You want this one?" You asked Natasha who hadn't seen what you had just done, she pulled herself out from behind two stacked boxes and aimed at the last man that was standing before she aimed at his heart and pulled the trigger. "Easy peasy," you smiled to yourself as you dusted your hands off and jogged back over to Natasha who was clutching her stomach.

"Just go." She was panting, clearly in pain from the burning sensation from the bullet passing through her, blood pooling on the floor beside her.

"Oh please, such a cry baby." You looked at her wound and she watched as it came to a close, the pain leaving as the hole disappeared. She gaped up at you in shock but quickly covered it up as she stood up, brushing it off.

"Let's go."

"You're welcome." You grumbled, not getting a thank you from the woman.

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