New friends

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"Y/n! Look out!" Cap yelled, trying to warn you until you were tackled to the floor as the end of their gun hit you repeatedly in the face.

"I can't feel that, idiot." You gritted out, grabbing a hold of it before flinging it across the street, burning through the guy's wrist making him scream out in a painful cry.

You took your cover behind a road barrier, quickly healing the cuts the gun had made before running out, dodging bullets and everything that was thrown at you as you ran through the wreckage, taking out everyone in sight.

"Oh hello beautiful," Nat smiled, her lip cut and cheek bruised as she fought with one of the men. You healed her, knowing she didn't realize it as she was occupied.

"Hello to you too babe." You returned the smile, fighting off the men that came your way. "Get down!" You told her and she did once she knocked her guy out, taking cover somewhere behind you as you generated a ball of heat in your hands, throwing it forward making the rest of the men get flung backwards, most of them dying on the sudden impact.

Wanda and Tony were on the other side of the wreckage, fighting off whoever got called to help the men take you all down. Neither of them succeed to say the least.

SHIELD locked up all the survivors, removing all of the bodies out of the public eye. You all boarded the Quinjet, heading back to the tower to see the final analysis of the mission. You had completed what was needing to be done, capturing the leader in the process. You knew nothing of his name as you weren't present for the official meeting, being somewhere in Europe for your singular mission as that took place so Tony took it in his hands to catch you up on the way over to Brooklyn.

Tony gave the job of interrogation over to Nat and Steve, telling them to get whatever was possible out of their leader before they sent Wanda in to read his mind.

As they were occupied with that, you took that time to talk to Sam, mostly checking he was okay as he had a nasty fall during the fight. He assured you he was fine, a few bruises that he wouldn't let you see as he didn't want you to heal them for him, saying he was taking it like a 'man'.

"It'll take two seconds." You tried, not wanting your friend to be hurt after this fight.

"I don't feel it." He wiggled his eyebrows, a convincing smile on his face before he went on a rant about how he took down his guys, acting it out as he went along. "-and he was like 'ahh!' when I swooped down and-" He looked behind you, his face dropping in pure confusion making you follow his eye line, "Clint?" He asked and you saw as he stood there, company by his side.

"Where's Tony? We have some explaining to do." He cleared his throat as he gestured to his said company.

"He's clearing up in the meeting room, I'll go get him." You left the three of them, going to collect Tony who was sitting in his seat, looking like he was in a world of his own, "Not to startle you but Clint has someone, and an explanation." You tapped his shoulder, snapping him out of his thoughts and he quickly stood up, clearly startled by this movement of yours.

"Who's that 'someone'?"

"I couldn't say." You shrugged and he nodded, leaving the room with you close behind him.

You, Clint, Sam, Tony, and Clint's companion sat in the living quarters, silently listening to Clint explain where he had been all these weeks and why he took so long in coming back. "I made the right choice bringing her here," he told everyone, who watched him with a blank expression.

"Are you saying we need two archers?" Tony questioned, his hand resting under his chin in thought.

"Exactly, Stark. She's highly trained, a few skills of my own in her hands, she'd be a good addition." Clint reasoned and Tony hummed in thought.

"Y/n, take her and let me think this over." You rose from your seat, the girl doing the same as she offered you a nervous smile before you left the three men to chat about said girl.

The two of you went to the meeting room as it was completely empty by now and closed off from all around you. Taking a seat for yourself, the girl stood awkwardly by the door and you looked at her in confusion and once she realized she let out a quiet 'oh' before rushing to take a seat of her own.

"So you're Kate?" You questioned, your feet now on the table as you crossed your ankles, your arms behind your head as you eyed the girl.

"I am, yes. May I ask why you said it like that?" She let out an awkward chuckle, fiddling with her hands.

"Nat told me a lot about Clint's associate." She made an 'ah' sound, her head going up as she did so.

"You're Y/n, right?"

"That's right." You told her, your gaze falling to the glass on the door as Steve walked past, not seeing you inside. Nat followed him shortly after and seeing the two made you realize the interrogation was completed.

"I'm sorry if this sounds weird but this is so cool!" You tilted your head at her, trying to understand what she was talking about, "Like, you! It's actually you!"


"I've seen you all over the news! And Clint has told me a lot about you! and the rest of the team obviously," She scoffed to herself with a bright smile on her face, your eyes falling behind her to see Nat standing in the door way, a smile on her face as she watched the girl fangirl over you,"I can't believe I'm sitting in front of Y/n L/n right now!" You laughed a little, finding it adorable at the girl's reaction to all of this.

"She's quite the sight, right kid?" Nat spoke, and laughed with you when she made Kate jump, whipping her head around to see her standing there.

"Oh I'm- I'm sorry I didn't know you were there." She breathed out and Nat waved it off as she came to take a seat beside you, pulling your feet off the desk and into her lap.

"Well it's my pleasure, kiddo." You smiled over at Kate which she returned, looking between you and Nat.

A/n: I know Kate gets brought into the MCU a lot later but go with the flow (: 

Love you 🫶

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