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"We have a meeting later, I'm sure Tony has told you." Wanda spoke when you entered the room, her eyes lowering to your neck before she cleared her throat.

"He didn't, thanks for telling me." You smiled which she wasn't able to see as you had your back to her, going through your shared closet to find something more comfortable to change into.

"Where've you been? I haven't seen you anywhere?"

"Um, I was talking to my friend since I have my phone back now, you know?" You chose a pair of sweats and a black hoodie before closing the closet door and began to get changed, not bothering to change locations.

"Did that friend give you that?" She pointed to her own neck and you blushed heavily as you shook your head.

"No it's.. an allergic reaction." You lied and she scoffed, trying to fake a laugh.

"I haven't heard that one before." You slipped the hoodie over your head and fixed your hair before lying down on the bed.

"So what's this meeting about?"

"Our next mission." You unlocked your phone and replied to Evelyn.

Evelyn: u need to come see me y'know

Y/n: I knowww I will as soon as I get the chance

Evelyn: I love how u disappear for WEEKS and still haven't seen me

Y/n: Imprisoned*

Evelyn: that's why u should see me! u have way too much to tell me

Y/n: I promise I'll see you soon

You locked your phone and furrowed your eyebrows when Wanda was looking at you with narrowed eyes. "What?" She didn't say anything in reply, only grabbed your chin and moved your head to look at your neck.

"You liar!" She gasped, sitting back with a knowing smile on her face, "that's a hickey!"

"I am no liar." You grumbled and she laughed like it was the most hilarious thing she had ever heard.

"Oh you have to tell me everything." She crossed her legs in front of her, grabbing her ankles as she waited for you to talk, "Was it Cap? You two are awfully close."

"Cap? HA! please!" You laughed, and she smiled, waiting like a child to be told their most favorite story.

"Sam? Peter?"

"Peter's a child?!"

"Fair point, that's weird. Ew, was it Tony?" Her face scrunched up in disgust, hoping you wouldn't say yes to that and it made you laugh, a stomach clutching one.

"Never in a million years, although I must say his biceps are a view."

"Oh I agree," She rocked back and forth as she nodded, she stopped, going silent as she thought for a moment, "Was it Nat?" She smirked and when you didn't say anything she perked up, "Oh my God! You slept with Nat?!" She was now laughing, finding it completely hilarious.

"I did not sleep with her." You corrected and by the way she was laughing you didn't think she even heard you.

"I would have never thought," She laughed once more before it became lighter, dying down as she moved up closer to you, "I need all the details but please keep the dirty ones to yourself."

Two hours passed by and everyone was now in the meeting Tony had arranged, everything silent but the sound of Tony's voice explaining your next mission. Everyone had been assigned to take part as he said it was important but he always says that so you never know if it was that Important. Wanda watched as you and Natasha shared some looks that only she picked up on, forcing herself not to laugh as she was the only one who knew. You had covered up the hickey with some makeup, not wanting anyone to see it and by the looks of it, Natasha wasn't too happy about it. You had planned on not talking to her afterwards because the looks she was giving you was clear she wanted to kill you.

The mission was simple although Tony treated it like it wasn't and there was no surprise in that, it was his job to protect civilians so he'd always treat it in a major way and you respected that. He went into great detail about what would need to be done tomorrow, there have been sightings of a water creature around the city in its lake's, canals, and even in the sea where it most likely lived. Whatever it was was nothing like a shark, or even a fish, it had legs and arms of all sorts whilst being slightly smaller than the blue whale, in other words it was very large.

"Want me to save you?" Wanda whispered when everyone was dismissed, referring to Natasha.

"I've got it, I'll catch up with you later." You smiled and left the room, not looking once at Natasha. You knew she had followed you out by the hurried footsteps following you.

"I can't tell if you've lied to me or you're trying to get on my nerves, I must say, Y/n, you've got me for once." She spoke behind you, making you stop and turn to face her, seeing her already standing.

"I don't see what you're trying to hint at." You lied, knowing exactly what she was referring to.

She glared at Steve when he walked passed you, greeting you as he did so. By the look Natasha was giving him, he cleared his throat and didn't say anything to her before she grabbed your hand and leading you into a separate room.

"Did you hide that from Wanda?" She asked as she nodded towards your neck, her arms crossed as she leaned against the door she just closed.

"Nope." You replied, popping the p, smiling at her innocently.

"Then why?"

"Hmm," you looked around the room, pretending to find an answer and you caught how she rolled her eyes, annoyed at you, "I can't seem to find the reason?" You faked an expression of not knowing why, but you knew what the reason was.

"Don't play with me, Y/n." She told you, her tone serious as her eyes stayed locked on you.

"I'll do what I like, baby." You chuckled, meeting her eyes, an annoyed look plastered on her face. She pushed herself off the door and walked over to you and you didn't move a muscle, watching her movements with curiosity. "And let's be honest," you whispered in a low tone, "if I wanted to, you'd let me without a second thought." You smirked, knowing you were right. She knew it too but she'd never admit it out loud, not to you and not to anyone.

"Did you, or did you not hide that from Wanda specifically?" Her hands came to hold your hips firmly, pulling you in closer making your hands snake behind her neck.

"Nah," You scrunched up your nose, leaning in closer, "I just wanted this reaction from you." You whispered, leaning in and capturing her lips against yours.

"You're such an asshole." She whispered, making you giggle before she pulled you back in. 

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