New family

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Tony agreed to let Kate join the team after seeing her abilities and what that could do to bring the team together with a new addition to it after hearing about her mothers arrest. Clint explained to everyone why Kate had been with him and it made everyone confused, mostly Nat.

"Why was a black widow assassin hired to kill you?" You asked the question for everyone and his eyes fell on you as everyone's fell on him.

"Kate's mom informed her that I killed Nat, wanting revenge the assassin took up the offer." You looked over to Nat, a knowing look on her face and you knew you were going to talk to her about this afterwards.

"Why would they want revenge?" Steve asked, moving forward to lean on his knees.

"I know why." Nat spoke softly, her eyes trained to the wall in front of her in deep thought. When she didn't continue, the team knew not to push answers out of her and she appreciated that, knowing her past.

Clint began explaining how the whole situation came to an end when he explained to the assassin that Nat was very much alive, providing proof to the woman when she didn't believe him. Once she did, she left shortly after, not giving any hints where she disappeared to.

"I'm gonna head back to the compound with the others, show Kate around and meet me there afterwards okay?' Nat told you when everything was wrapped up, kissing you lightly when you nodded in agreement.

The team left, leaving you and Kate at the tower, wanting you to get her up to date with their ways, so you began. You explained the basics to her, showing her each floor, each room, introducing her to whomever you passed during your tour.

A few hours later, you found yourself in the car with her, heading downtown to grab a bite to eat. You both sat seated in a fast food restaurant, eating silently as you sat across from each other. "I have a dog." She spoke, bringing up whatever came to mind to break the silence.

"A dog?" You repeated and she nodded with a small smile as she remembered her furry friend.

"Yeah, he's called lucky."

"What breed is he?" You found yourself interested in this topic, always having a love for animals, especially dogs.

"Golden retriever, he loves pizza too," she beamed, biting into her burger before continuing, "he loves it more than me, actually."

"He has great taste." You giggled, sipping on the drink you had ordered with your meal.

"I've been meaning to ask," Kate changed the topic, making you move your focus to her, "are you and Natasha a thing?" She seemed nervous, almost awkward for asking like the answer was obvious.

"Yeah, yes we are." You chuckled lightly, sticking a fry in your mouth.

"Sorry for asking, I just- I just didn't want to assume, you know?"

"Don't be, I'd rather you ask than assume." You smiled sweetly at her, and she seemed to ease up, feeling relieved that her question didn't come off as rude.

You dropped Kate off at the compound shortly after, leaving her in the hands of anyone but yourself as you had to go back to your place to collect a few things you had left after spending the weekend there with Nat.

You drove down the backroads, finding it easier to get to your house this way if you were to ignore the giant holes in the road, causing you to bounce in your seat when you hit one. You grumbled, knowing someone had to fix them sooner or later, otherwise there will come a time where you make it to the end of the street with three wheels.

You pulled up to your house, sighing in relief when the journey was finally finished and you slid out of your seat, locking your car behind you before making your way over to the front door.

Fishing the house key out of your pocket, you fit the key in its lock, opening it with ease once you had and throwing the keys on the table beside your door when you locked yourself inside.

You turned the lights on downstairs before making your way to your room that was on the floor above, turning your light on when you entered the room. You jumped back in shock to see a blond laying on your bed with a smirk on her face. "Hello Y/n," she greeted, closing one of your books as she sat up with her hands folded between her lap, eyeing you curiously, "I must say you love taking your time." She huffed as she shook her head as you stood there in utter confusion.

"I'm sorry- who are you?" You stood by your door, your hand still hovering over the light switch, not knowing what to do.

"You don't know your own family? I'm highly offended." She put her hand to her heart, her mouth falling open at your words, genuinely looking offended.

"I can't say I do." You let your hand drop from the wall letting it hand by your side.

"Tell Natalia that she needs to have a little talk with you about her beloved sister." You found yourself feeling for your phone in your pocket, unlocking it and looking for Nat's contact.

It didn't ring for long as she picked up almost instantly, asking you worriedly if you were okay.

"Your sister is in my bed?" You eyed the blond who smiled the whole time as you spoke to your girlfriend.  

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