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You sat awkwardly around the kitchen table, letting the two sisters catch up in the most unusual way you had seen. Nat was thrown off when you told her Yelena was in your bed, a weird start to your conversation with her, but she got round quicker than you expected.

Now you were all seated in the kitchen, the two laughing together, a beer in both of their holds as they caught up. "Why did you come here? To Y/n?" Nat asked her, sipping on her beer that she held around its neck.

"I wanted to make sure Barton wasn't lying. Y/n has the closest connection to you," she shrugged, leaning back in her seat before narrowing her eyes at her sister, pointing at her before continuing, "I do find it rude how I was never a topic you talked about."

"It's not so easy, Yelena." She sighed, glancing at you for a brief moment before looking back at Yelena. You took this as a sign to excuse yourself to let the two talk in private so you made your way to the living room, switching on the tv to have a distraction of your own when a random show that was playing came up.

Your phone buzzed and you read the notification, laughing to yourself when you read it.

Evelyn: please tell me ur not fucking that blond Russian

Y/n: Short answer: no. My question: how did you know?

Evelyn: I stopped by ur house hoping u was in but I quickly left when she started yelling at me to leave.

Evelyn: she even started counting down from 10. scary shit.

Y/n: Oh gosh 🤦‍♀️

Evelyn: Who is she?

Y/n: A friend of Nat's

You weren't going to tell her she was her sister, not if Nat couldn't even tell you. It wasn't your place to do so and you respected that.

Evelyn: just don't die on me

Y/n: You can count on it!

You switched off your phone and started watching the tv once more.

An hour passed and the two were still talking in the kitchen. You began to get tired after your long day so you chose to rest your eyes for a short while. Resting your head on the arm of the couch as you curled up to keep yourself warm from the lack of blankets you had downstairs and you didn't want to disrupt the two by going upstairs.

You fell asleep not long after, the sounds of Nat's laugh and the way she spoke so easily with the girl helped you fall into a deep sleep.

You didn't know how long you had fallen asleep for but when you woke, you checked the time to see it was midnight before you registered that you were now in your bed. You looked beside you and saw Nat sleeping peacefully next to you, you smiled to yourself before laying back down, trying to get in some more sleep as the redhead's arm hung loosely over your waist.

You lay in the dark, silence filled all areas of the house as you stared blankly at the ceiling, letting your thoughts take over your mind.

You liked the place you were at, you still wanted answers from your parents, many answers at that but after joining the team you began accepting you were never going to get what you wanted. You were fine with that thought because everything you had grown to want lay beside you so delicately, too afraid to hurt you with her thoughts, her words, or her actions.

She treated you the way anyone wanted to be treated, the way everyone deserves, you were hers and she made it known. She showed you each day what you meant to her, never failing in the process, never faulting with her words. She loved you, she tried to show you that each kiss she gave you, each time she touched you or each time she looked at only you in a room full of people, she loved you with all she had but never spoke the words out loud. Too afraid of turning you away, too afraid you were going to leave her behind.

You knew you loved her, the way your heart melts when she speaks, the way it skips a beat when you kiss, the way her touch sends a warm shiver through your body, or even the way her name alone makes you smile at the thought of her. Your heart was hers, like it always would be. All of you belonged to her.

"What are you thinking about?" You heard her whisper beside you and your mouth fell open, ready to say those words you had been wanting to for the longest time but they failed you. Your eyes glossed over with a layer of tears when you had fully felt what she really meant to you.

You were so confused by these tears. Why were you crying? You knew how you felt, so why couldn't you just say it?

"Hey, what's wrong?" She asked, concerned when she saw a tear fall out of the corner of your eyes. Wiping it away with the pad of her thumb, she sat up and looked down at you, worry spreading over her features as she studied you.

You opened your mouth to speak again, wanting to say everything, anything that you could. "Y/n, talk to me. What happened?" Her eyes met yours, and you saw how she looked at you. So carefully yet so worried at your state, thinking the worst when this was the first time she saw you like this.

"I love you, Natasha." You did it. You let the words out in a quiet, broken whisper. Scared of what could possibly come from this. You lifted your shoulder slightly, attempting to shrug as you admitted your feelings, feeling so vulnerable, looking so open in this moment. Her eyes softened, her lips curling up a little as she moved back at the words, fully in shock when she finally heard all she had ever wanted from you.

She leaned down, kissing you so delicately, so passionately as she cupped your cheeks with her soft touch, whispering against your lips, "I love you too, Buttercup." 

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