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Everyone sat around the large table in the conference room, seated in silence as Tony proudly spoke about the new compound. "As you all know we had to change locations due to an attack on our compound, but we have some good news," you didn't know anything about this compound but it didn't hurt to listen is, "we are finally able to move back over there, we can begin moving our things today."

"Everything's been built then? All areas?" The large blond spoke from the seat to the far left of you.

"All parts that are needed, the rest will be done by the end of the week so it'll be a lot smarter to move over and not waste time." Steve nodded his head at this before Tony spoke again. "With the movement, the tower will be in official use, something that has been planned out since the compound began its reconstruction."

The meeting went on, and once they started talking about their previous attacks or missions that took place in the past, you stopped listening. You didn't need to listen to all of that as they had nothing to do with you so you took that time to watch everyone's reaction to the move. You thought a new place would benefit you and as they have brought you into the team, no longer treating you like a prisoner, you'd hope that Tony would give you your freedom. You began to trust them, your guard was still up most of the time but when it was down they never tried to take advantage of that so it gave you your reasons to trust them.

"You're all dismissed, Rogers, stay back a minute." You all stood up and left the room, leaving Tony and Steve behind to talk about whatever it was that they had to.

"Not all rooms are completed, two people will be put into one room for the week until all are restored. I need your help assigning everyone to their rooms." Tony brought out a planning device and Steve looked at it with curiosity, looking over the new design for the compound.

Laughing at his thought, Tony looked up at Steve with a mischievous smile, "shall we put Romanoff with L/n?"

"Do you want the place to be blown up the second we step foot in there?" The soldier huffed a laugh, crossing his arms over his chest.

"You're right, you're right."

Walking into your room with two boxes Sam had gave you, you began to pack what little things you had there after he had also told you to start now. You removed all your clothes and folded them into one box and that was pretty much all you had, using the second box you packed little things like notebooks and books in the second box. "That was easy." You smiled to yourself with your hands on your hips and looked around seeing little to no change in your room. You decided that your room in the compound will look a little more like your old bedroom, loving the design you had for your home that you missed deeply.

"Need any help?" Wanda's voice hit your ears and you turned to see her looking around, noticing it was already empty.

"I had close to nothing, it didn't take long." You shrugged, placing the second box on top of the first.

"Okay, well I'm going to pack all my things if you want to join?" She smiled sweetly at you and you nodded, a smile of your own on your lips at the offer.

The two of you left your room and walked over to Wanda's room which had a lot more things than yours did. Wanda started with her clothes as you started moving the rest of her belongings into a separate box. You took this time to see what her interests were, she had a lot of cooking books which you found interesting as you didn't see her cook too often, a few picture frames with a blond boy in them with her, a few of them of her and some other members of the team, one of them with Natasha catching your eye. The two were pulling faces, a glint of happiness in their eyes and you finally saw that the assassin wasn't always grumpy. You placed them carefully into a box and sealed the top with some tape Sam had handed out.

"Mr Stark has announced you will be leaving in 30 minutes." FRIDAY spoke throughout the whole building, startling you a little at the unexpected voice. You headed back over to your room after helping Wanda and collected your boxes before heading to the 1st floor with Wanda, setting both your boxes with everyone else's who was doing the same.

"I'll get the Quintet ready." Rogers spoke, leaving to do what he had said.

"I'll help."You told him and he gave you an appreciative nod as he picked up some boxes, you doing the same, before leaving to start loading them in the Quintet.

"You're going to love your room." He smirked, placing the last of the last box into the back of the Quintet.

"Why?" You questioned, sitting down next to him on the ramp.

"You'll see." 

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