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A couple of hours later you were handing the man over to SHIELD, giving you a grateful nod as they took him off your hands. "Great work, L/n," you looked up to see Fury, "I'll expect to see more of this from you."

"Aye aye, Captain." You replied, your hand going up to salute him. He shook his head and left the room, following behind the two men who carried the man through the tower. "All with a hangover," you beamed looking up at Tony, "you proud of me?"

"Sure." He replied, not convincing you.

"sure." You mocked, and huffed to yourself as you took a seat. "You're grumpy, y'know that?"

"I am not grumpy." He shot back, a shocked expression on his face but you could see the smile tugging at the corner of his lips, knowing he was hiding his lie.

"You're terrible." You told him, shaking your head as he chuckled.

"Get out my sight," he waved you off, chuckling to himself and you knew he didn't mean it in a bad way, "Witchy's probably missing you," he wiggled his eyebrows and you left ignoring him completely.

"I am exhaaausted" you sang out with a groan, closing Wanda's door behind you.

"Hey, you're back," she smiled looking up from her computer where she was most likely replying to emails, who knows? (shrug. it's not a choice.) "How was it?" She patted the bed beside her and you sat down, falling back deciding you wanted to lay.

"Great, Tony wouldn't stop blabbering on though," You sighed, turning on your side, watching her with curiosity, "Whatcha doinnn?" You lifted your head trying to peer over at her computer.

"Confirming this press conference Nick wants us to attend." She huffed, moving her hands a little as she spoke.

"You have to confirm that?"

"Well obviously." Looking over at you her eyes were soft, her smile small but visible as she studied you carefully.

"What?" You asked with a yawn, moving your arm under your head to get into a comfier position.

"Nothing, you're just pretty." She smiled, and you couldn't help the brush of red creep to your cheeks as you tried to hide it with yet another yawn.

"Then you won't mind me sleeping here," You beamed up at her and she giggled, shaking her head silently telling you she doesn't mind.

You gave her a weak, appreciative smile and let your eyes fall closed. Wanda had always been nice to you from the second she saw you, you didn't know if it was guilt, a loss of her own or she was just like that with everyone. All you knew was she was one of the very little people who wanted to know you, despite what you had been set up to do. You were thankful for her to say the least, she was, what you would like to consider, your best friend at the end of the day and nothing stepped between that. Not Tony, not Steve, Not Bruce and certainly not Natasha. It came to times where Wanda spoke up against Natasha on your behalf although everyone knew you never needed it, including her, but it always stopped Natasha from grilling at you anymore than she would have even if it did put her in one of her moods.

You loved Wanda as your friend, you weren't open with her but you didn't need to be for her to understand you and you loved that about her. She was one of your favorite redheads.

You checked the time when you woke, reading 1:03 am, you looked around you confused as to how you slept all day. Wanda lay next to you, her back to you as she breathed softly, only light snores audible from the girl. You carefully climbed out of Wanda's bed and slipped on your shoes, leaving the room quietly to be sure you don't wake her.

You had gone the whole day without eating, apart from a granola bar before your mission so you made your way to the kitchen, ready to eat something simple or just leftovers from whatever anyone else had made.

Opening the fridge you looked around, sleep still heavy on your eyes and you debated leaving food until the morning, but decided not to when you saw a pot of chicken soup. Closing the door you walked around groggily to the microwave to warm it up.

"Same idea?" A voice asked, chuckling when you jumped back after she startled you.

"Are you here to get food after burying a body on the other side of the city? Because me too." You joked, your voice raspy as these were the first words you spoke since waking up.

"Similar, but a refreshment instead." She played back, smirking at your eye roll. She pushed herself off the doorframe and headed over to the fridge where you previously stood, the only difference was her taking out a water bottle. "Haven't seen you all day, how was the mission?"

"Yeah I fell asleep in Wanda's room not long after I got back," You started, watching as she slowly nodded, "the mission went well though." You shrugged, taking out your soup once the microwave stopped, flinching slightly at the hot bowl and you glared at Natasha once she laughed at you. "What?"

"You're telling me you can heat your body higher than boiling point but flinch at a little heat?" Her laugh grew louder and you continued with your glaring, waiting for her to stop.

"I don't find that funny." You grumbled, opening a draw to get yourself a spoon.

"Aw, does Y/n need ice? Here, baby, run it under the water." She cooed sarcastically before falling back into laughter. You would be lying if you said you weren't enjoying her being so light with you but you couldn't tell her that and wouldn't dream to either.

"You're an asshole." You grabbed your bowl and spoon before leaving to the living quarters to eat in peace, groaning when you heard her footsteps hurry behind you.

"Wanda's room then?" She asked, taking a seat next to you as you sat. You glanced at her from the side of your eye and shuffled away a little, her eyebrow twitching upwards quickly at your actions.

"Her bed's comfy, you can't blame me." You shrugged, filling your mouth with soup after you answered.

"I'm sure it is." She mumbled and you ignored her, enjoying your soup instead. "What did you guys do?"

"Talk. Slept."

And that's how your night continued for the next hour. You and Natasha, seated in the living quarters, talking and bickering over small things. Wanda being brought up a lot, how your mission went in detail as the assassin sat back and listened to each word you had said carefully. She hummed as you spoke, telling you wordlessly she was still listening to your stories, some stories you loved talking about because of how they excited you. She smiled along when you were beaming, her gaze grew more gentle throughout the night, watching you like her most prized possession, the ones behind a glass case to prevent dust gathering upon it or the hands of the unwelcome playing with it like a worthless tennis ball. She watched you so closely she wanted to get up and leave as you made her want to lay in bed for hours, watching her favorite movies all day long as the rain pattered against the window in a calming pattern,  hot chocolate cupped in her hands with her favorite person cuddling up to her, it scared her that much she wanted to walk away from you and never face you again in hope that feeling stays buried deep down, never to be talked about to anyone.

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