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"Hungover?" Tony smiled, looking at you as you held your head in your hands.

"Very." You grumbled, rubbing your temples to ease the massive headache.

"Sorry to interrupt your hangover, but we need you in for a briefing." he motioned for you to follow him and you groaned, forcing yourself to stand and follow him to the meeting room.

Maria and Fury sat around the large table, soon followed by you and Tony who sat down facing each other. "We may have a lead on our most recent mission," Fury began, "we need to take this one seriously as this is our only chance as it stands."

"Thor has gone back to Asgard early this morning so he won't be needed, as for the others, they have been notified that you will be taking this mission, Y/n." Maria took over, looking at you as she spoke.

"What have we got?" Tony asked, looking between Fury and Hill,

"A cctv picture was sent to us, identification hasn't yet been confirmed but we have the face of the man. He was spotted leaving the building moments before it fell due to an explosion." Hill explained, watching your expressions to be sure you caught on.

"Do we have any ideas on why he would blow up a whole building?" You inquired, looking over at Maria.

"Considering this is linked to our last mission, he wants to gain our attention." You hummed in response, nodding your head slow but understandably.

"He had it to begin with?" You huffed a laugh, "what a dick." You lent back in your chair, kicking your feet up onto the table ignoring Fury's unimpressed look as you crossed your ankles.

After clearing his throat, Tony gained your attention and his eyes grew wider for a split second as he looked at your feet. Knowing he was telling you to take them down, you looked away like you didn't see him.

"We will have everything set for you, Tony will be talking to you through your earpiece guiding you along as you go."

"I have to have his voice in my ear? The whole time?" Your face was scrunched as the others rolled their eyes at you, too impatient with you and you hadn't even left the building yet. Maria slid a folder over to you, taking said folder you opened it and read it carefully as she spoke.

"Tony will wait three buildings down, waiting for your return. He is also there for back up if needed, you must stay communicating with him at all times. No funny business and no games, this is a serious mission, Y/n."

"Yeah yeah I get it." You waved her off and looked at the picture of the man that was held under a paper clip, noticing the deep scar on his face making it that much easier to find him. His cap was a miserable attempt at hiding his features and you laughed to yourself once you noticed.

The unnamed man was spotted not far from his last targeted building, stupid of him to say the least. Checking over everything with Tony, you placed the earpiece in your ear, slid the pistol Maria provided, as she specifically said no powers, into the holster on your belt and climbed out of the black van. You walked down the sidewalk, a loose jacket over top as you to hide your gun that sat on your hip, and stopped outside the building you had been ordered to enter. You checked with Tony to make sure you had the right one, not wanting to go in and running around like a crazy person in the completely wrong building because... just no. He gave you the go ahead and you entered, looking subtly to your left and right, figuring out where to go first. "Any eyes on the man?" You asked Tony, knowing he had hacked into the building's cameras to make it a little easier for everyone.

"Nothing yet." He confirmed and you walked over to the front desk, a fake welcoming smile on your face when you approached the woman behind the desk.

"Good evening, I've come for an interview with Dr Baywhit." You greeted and you heard Tony snicker through the earpiece, ignoring him and his comment you kept a convincing smile on your face to play the character.

"Name?" She asked you.

"Olivia Nester."

"Olivia Nester." You repeated Tony's words as he was the one who organised for your name to be on this meeting list which you were obviously not turning up to.

"You're just on time!" She chirped happily, clapping her hands once and standing from her seat to swipe the doors with her card, allowing you access.

"Thank you." You walked through and saw the three elevators to your left, so unnecessary. "Anything?"

"No... not ye-" He paused, his side going silent for a brief moment, "4th floor, room 46, on your left."

You took one of the elevators and pressed the 4th floor, slowly ascending up as you stood in silence, slightly awkward as Tony could hear your every movement. You stepped out, turning to your left like Tony told you and walked down the corridor, stopping when you saw a door with the number 46 above it.

"I'm here." You whispered so Tony could hear and raised your gun out of its holster, aiming it in front of you as you opened the door.

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