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"Hydra agent." Tony spoke, his hand under his chin as he thought, looking over you as you sat restrained to a chair behind the glass, separating you from the three avengers that stood on the other side.

"Are we sure?" Steve asked the billionaire, "I mean, she looks harmless." He pondered, eyeing you up.

"Oh we're sure Rogers, we captured her on the east side of the building we covered," Tony replied to him, "and besides, they always look harmless."

"He has a point there, Cap." Natasha agreed, still debating whether you were really a part of Hydra.

"Okay.. so let's question her, get what we can out of her." Cap shrugged, Tony paused, thinking for a minute longer.

"Good idea... good luck!" Tony's voice hit an octave higher and the blonde looked over at Natasha with a face of shock.

"M-me? I never offered to go in-" He was soon cut off by the smirk on Natasha's face, telling him silently she knew he was scared of you deep down, "Watch the best man at work then shall we." He cleared his throats, clicking his neck before the doors were opening to allow his access.

"I'll catch up with you guys later, if anything goes wrong, I'll be right up." Tony told Natasha and she rolled her eyes, knowing neither her or Steve would need anyones help with you.

She picked up her feet, stepping inside with the two of you, smirking as Steve slowly sat down in front of you, a chair much more free than yours. "Hydra agent, we know what you're up to. So.. you can start by telling us exactly what you want."

"A what agent now?" You repeated, hair messily falling in front of your face as your hooded, unbothered eyes met his.

"Don't play dumb with me, we found you on the mission. Why were you there?"

"Reasons." You shrug, the rope rubbing into your wrists with each movement. The soldier breathed a deep sigh, looking over his shoulder to Natasha who made no effort to give him some advice.

"Who sent you?"

"Someone... or no one, or even myself." You grinned a sick grin at him, knowing no matter how much he pried at you he was getting nowhere.

"Then it looks like you're never leaving this room." He sighed, patting his knees as he stood up, hoping you'd fight against it. But, of course, you didn't.

Natasha thought for a minute, silently wondering whether to try you herself or to leave you here. Steve walked out the door, not looking back at you once as he turned to Natasha to ask if she were coming, she simply replied she'll be up later. Your head turned at this, another challenge to beat. In all honesty, you didn't know who she was, or even the other two men who watched over you to start off with. You knew no one here and you definitely weren't sent by someone, as far as they needed to know anyway.

"Get talking, spy." Her body language was confident, not threatened by you in any way. She wasn't playing. You loved it.

"And if I don't?" You raised an eyebrow in challenge, the smirk making its way back on your lips.

"Then you're hiding something we need, and because of that," her voice was low, whispering as she leaned forward resting her arms on her knees, "if you don't start talking right now, I'll slice your throat, ripping you apart with my own teeth, and you won't walk another step again in your life. So I suggest you speak."

"Oh baby," you laughed, she looked at you with concern as you just laughed out at her threat, "I feel for you, I really do," You fake frowned, your eyes still full of amusement and her eyebrows furrowed, "but you can't kill me." You let out in a small whisper, eyes turning to hers with a sickening smile forming on your face.

"What are you?" She sat back in her chair, not wanting to be as close as she originally was. You didn't scare her, you knew that but it was all so exciting.

"I'm y/n, nice to meet you! What's your name?" You spoke in a welcoming voice, like a toy programmed to speak at the touch of your hand. Natasha's confusion now growing. If someone wouldn't have seen your previous state, they wouldn't think twice about your warm tone.

"Where's Wanda?" Natasha yelled walking through the tower, looking for the slightly taller redhead.

"Nat?" Bruce questioned her, leaving his work for a short minute, "everything okay?" He asked, concerned.

"Where's Wanda? I need her down here with me." She didn't waste any time by stopping to chat to the man.

"She's with Peter." He told her and she made her way over to the kitchen, not answering the doctor.

As she entered the kitchen, both Peter and Wanda looked up at her, confusion wavering their faces as they saw her expression.

"You okay?" Wanda asked her, leaving Peter by the kitchen island.

"Come with me, now." The taller redhead knew not to argue against her, as did everyone else. She left behind what she was doing and followed Nat as she already took off again in a hurry.

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