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"You have to be fucking kidding me." Natasha mumbled, seeing you sitting in the seating area, speaking with Wanda. Wanda turned around, seeing the annoyed look spread across her face. She had been gone for a week, not being called to return until today and when she did her already annoyed mood was made even worse seeing you moving freely.

"Nat, hey. Come join us." Wanda tried, knowing she wouldn't but wanted her to get used to being here for a little.

"Wanda." She returned coldly, walking past both of you, not sparing you a look and it made you smirk knowing you were the cause of her childish mood.

Wanda cleared her throat after Nat walked out of view, turning her attention back to you. You knew you could get out with a simple trick but you enjoyed having all this fun messing with their minds, convincing them you were of no harm. "She'll warm up to you." Wanda tried and you stopped yourself from scoffing, nearly faulting your games.

"I hope so." you lied.

"Are you hungry?" She asked and you nodded your head in return.

The two of you wandered over to the kitchen, making sandwiches to feed your hunger, conversations still continuing. You knew Wanda could read your mind anytime she wanted to after you heard Natasha tell her to, yet you weren't worried about it because you could change all she sees. It's the way you were made. Too powerful when you choose to be.

Tony spent most of his time working on one of his projects but you didn't bother to make conversation with him much, not wanting to intervene. You were lost on what to do anymore, it had only been a week yet you felt each day repeat the same as the day before. It was tiring, but also the small excitement of getting closer to your goal kept you inside. You had convinced everyone you were beatable as you pried at them to let you have one training session with each person that was possible, they all brought you down but only because you let them. Wanting to know each tactic they use when it comes to that situation. For your advantage of course, you couldn't show them how you fought because they'd be using that against you too.

The day dragged with each minute, slowly everyone gathered together, people taking seats and love sacks and you began walking back to your assigned room jumping a little when the red headed assign steps in your view. "I don't think so." You rolled your eyes as she grabbed your arm, her grip tight making you tense your arm a little hoping for it to loosen a bit, she raised an eyebrow at you and practically dragged you back to the others. "Keep an eye on your pet, Stark." She grumbles, shoving you in front of her, making you whip round.

"I am no pet." You grit out and she throws you a challenging smirk.

"There should be a leash in my room." The man playfully winked but you furrowed your eyebrows looking at him in slight disgust.

"Ew, why do you have a leash with no dog?" You ask and the others held back their laughs, Tony shaking his head at you.

You were forced to sit between Sam and Wanda, Sam holding your wrist with a tight grip like you were being tied up again, and as much as you tried to wiggle free Natasha warned him not to let go of you. As much as he wanted to, as his fingers began aching with the force that was being used on you, he knew not to fight against Natasha's orders.

Steve, Tony, Sam, Scott, Wanda, Natasha and you sat round the room. Each one of them talking, whilst you stayed quiet, watching how they let their guard down so easy in moments like this, I mean who wouldn't but with you in the room, next to them, it wasn't the smartest move they've ever made.

Their laughter filled the room, your eyes closing as you haven't slept in the past two days, wanting to be as cautious as you can with them now as you felt they were catching on to your moves. "Can you let go? It really hurts." You whispered to Sam and he looked over to Natasha before looking back at you and giving you a small apologetic smile before he realised his hand, keeping it close to yours to not make it obvious. "Thank you." you whispered and he nodded in response.

Steve caught on to what Sam did but he wasn't a snitch. The laughter, the stories, and their conversations continued and by their reactions, you felt they had heard each story a million times over, like this was an everyday thing for them all. You saw Natasha watching you closely so you made her aware that you knew by subtly flipping her off and you could see the eye roll it caused, clearly annoyed by your small gesture but you smirked liking how easy she was to annoy. "Prisoners curfew." She announced and you looked over to her, everyone's eyes now on you. 

"You love giving me special treatment, huh?" You smirked, causing snickers coming from the others around you but she just glared at you before rising from her seat, walking over to you.

"You'd love that, huh?" She fired back causing a noise of 'ooos' from everyone who was previously laughing.

"You wish." Was the last thing said before you stood from your seat, listening to the slightly older woman. The others waved you goodbye and Natasha escorted you to your room.

"See, special treatment." You smirked before she slammed the door, turning the key on the other side. No one else had done that but you know this was her first night back and she hated your guts so it was no surprise she wasn't taking any chances with you.

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