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You, Nat and Sam stood around in the kitchen, working around each other as you prepared breakfast for everyone.  There were the odd conversations here and there but never any that lasted more than a few words, as you worked you and Nat shared some looks when Sam wasn't looking. Neither of you spoke directly to each other but all that needed to be said was passed by the eye contact and the facial expressions you gave each other.

"Did Wanda want eggs or no?" Sam thought out loud, hoping one of you answered him.

"She did." You told him and he nodded, cracking two eggs on the pan and watched over them as they cooked. As you were waiting for the food to cook, you sat yourself up on the counter, watching Nat and Sam do their own work.

"Has anyone heard from Clint? He said he was coming over," Nat asked, looking between you and Sam, smirking when you already had your eyes on her.

"Nope, he's said nothing to me." Sam replied, flipping the eggs before he moved onto the pancake batter.

"I'll call him." She told him, walking over to you where her phone was. When she reached behind you for her phone, she ran her hands up your thighs and smirked when you gave her a questioning look. "My phone, buttercup." She whispered in your ear before removing her hands and walking back over to the stove.

She fought back the blush that was creeping up your cheeks, clearing your throat in the process and you heard her giggle at you, her eyes locked on her phone.

"Y/n! Y/n!" You whipped your head around to see an out of breath Parker.

"You okay?" You asked, hopping down from the counter and going over to him, "What happened?" Worry began to take over you and he swallowed, not being able to speak from his panting.

"There's someone here who wants to see you." He spoke through his breaths, pointing towards the front door. You furrowed your eyebrows and looked at Nat who just shrugged her shoulders, a confused look on her face too.

"I'll be back." You told Sam and Nat and heard a clink of metal.

"I'll come with, Sam, keep an eye on those pancakes." She pointed at him and towards the pancakes that were now being made.

"Got it, Nat." The three of you left and walked through the halls, stopping when you saw who was at the door.

A loud squeal came from the girl as she ran at you with open arms, "Evelyn!" You explained, wrapping your arms around the girl, "What are you- What are you doing here? Oh my God!" You laughed, squeezing her tighter.

"You were taking too long to come see me so obviously  I had to do something about it," She rolled with a wide grin on her face, excitement pumping through her.

"I'm glad you did," you told her honestly and stepped back, looking at both Peter and Nat, "Guys this is Evelyn," when you looked back at her she gave them a small wave and an awkward smile, "Evelyn this is-"

"Peter. Peter Parker." The boy cut you off making you chuckle at his eagerness when he offered her his hand to shake.

"Nice to meet you, Peter Parker." She smiled and looked behind him at Natasha, waiting for a name.

"Natasha." She offered, and took Evelyn's hand when she held it out.

"It's nice to meet you too, Natasha." She smiled up at the taller woman, who gave her a tight smile in return, "Anyway!" She turned to look at you, her hands clasped in excitement before she grabbed your shoulders, shaking you a little, "Sorry to break up the band but I'm gonna steal Y/n for a few hours."

"You are?" You and Peter asked at the same time.

"Yes! You have so  much to tell me, so let's go do that over breakfast!" She patted your shoulders and looked between Peter and Natasha.

"Actually, I'm quite bus-" You tried  but she cut you off.

"Hush, hush, child." She zipped her own lips, telling you that's what you should be doing and you sighed quietly in defeat, "Now, I'll be waiting outside." She told you and waved at Natasha and Peter before she left.

Silence filled the room as you watched the door close behind her, not wanting to leave for some reason. Peter left when Tony called him moments later and you turned to Nat, an apologetic look on your face.

"I tried to stay." You told her with a shrug and she shook her head with a smile, "I'm sorry." You told her honestly like you had just crushed unmade plans.

"It's okay, go have fun." She told you as she rubbed your arms lightly when she stepped closer to you.

"I could always get Wanda to fling me across the room so I don't have to go due to a major injury." You thought, actually considering it and the redhead giggled.

"Don't you dare," She kissed you lightly, humming against the kiss before she pulled away, "Go have fun, then let me take you out tonight?"

"Why would I let you kill me? That's concerning." You moved back a little, a confused look spreading across your features and she laughed at you.

"I mean a date, buttercup."

"Ohhh, now see that makes much more sense," You pointed at her, smiling at her attempt to take you on a date, "But I'll up your offer, don't back down." You smiled innocently before giving her a quick kiss and heading for the door.

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