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A few weeks had gone by, everyone had their own rooms by now, each person knew about you and Nat, completely shocked as no one saw it coming but Thor tried to play it off like he saw it from a mile away. You were official as you liked to think, but the label wasn't put on it yet, not needing one to show what you are to each other.

There have been many battles in those three weeks that have passed, many injured but no one dead. There had been many times where your suit had to be fixed but you were able to do that yourself once Tony showed you how to for the first time.

Nat spent most nights in your room, it would be hard to say that she spends at least 3 nights a week in her room because it simply wasn't that way. You both liked the way it was, no one complained and each person on the team shipped you more than Nat did, and that was saying a lot.

You loved each other's company, so much that it began to be the only thing you both knew, so when you, or Nat, got sent off to do missions that didn't involve the other, you both felt that sting in your heart. Or easier to say you didn't feel it at all where it should be as it always felt like Nat carried your heart in her hands, unknowingly, yet so delicately and so lightly.

"Do you want to know what I'm thinking?" You whispered ever so quietly, laying in the dark beside Nat as she lightly brushed her fingers along your arm. She hummed in response, keeping up her calming movement, "wouldn't it be so cool if we could move countries, run away, leave all this danger behind." You thought out loud, staring up at the ceiling as you repeatedly poured out your thoughts.

"The world is the same everywhere, Y/n." She whispered back to you, slowing down her light touches.

"But do you not wonder what it's like to live a life that doesn't include putting your life on the line?"

"I'd rather put my life on the line than cower on the sidelines." She kissed your shoulder, letting you know she was still really there.

"I have a better one," You rushed out, an idea popping to your head, "what if we were to move planets, one so far away that there's nothing but us."

"That sounds lonely." She chuckled and you moved to face her, falling silently as you squinted at her even though she couldn't see your face in full detail.

"Are you calling me boring?" She could tell you were joking, but you fell so quiet that she really considered that you were offended by it, glad she caught on before she started apologizing.

"The most boring to be around." You gasped, moving your arm so she was no longer drawing shapes on it but you instantly regretted it once you did, and forced yourself not to laugh.

"Wait no go back to your drawings," You told her seriously and she laughed at you before your tone was suddenly filled with fake offense, "I would say I'm the best to be around, I bring all the fun to the table."

"You bring a lot more than fun to the table." You felt her smirk against your neck when she kissed it, making you blush heavily and you were glad that it was dark because she would have teased you about it.

"Wouldn't you know." You let out a low tone and she moved back from your neck and you could just about see the green that filled her eyes when she looked at you.

"Do you want to know what I'm thinking?" She repeated the same words you had asked her all those minutes ago, narrowing your eyes at her as you thought before replying.

"I do," you waited, everything suddenly went quiet for a moment too long and then she let go of your arm, bringing her hand up to cup your cheek as she moved forward so slightly until her lips met yours. Her kisses were a lot softer this time round, like she was trying to tell you something but too afraid if she said too much you would break.

"I want you to be mine," she whispered against your lips before kissing you once more, not giving you the chance to say anything when she pulled back and added, "I want you to be my girlfriend. Mine." Your heart raced, feeling a rush of warmness go through your body as you couldn't help but fight off the smile that had broken your kiss.

"I've alway been yours, Natalia. But I would love to be your girlfriend." You wanted to squeal, you wanted to scream, jump, smile and do a million somersaults one after one, but you turned that feeling into one as you poured it out against her lips.

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