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"How's sharing a room with Wanda going?"

You were sitting in Nat's and Bruce's room, Bruce was only ever here at night because he was always working on something either with Tony or his own thing. Nat liked the peace she got because of it and she got along with Bruce so she was happy with the room for the week, just like everyone else.

"Good, it means we can spend more time together so no one's complaining." You told her as you scrolled through your phone, answering everyone you hadn't been able to. Your friend Evelyn called you as soon as you answered her, in shock you when answered and started crying because she had believed you had died.

"Aren't you two like," she moved her hand around trying to find the word and you looked up from your phone finding her eyes, "A thing?"

"No, we're just friends. She's the only one who believed me from day one." You said, hinting that she was one of those who didn't want to hear you out.

"Everyone believes you are, they're always talking about it." You furrowed your eyebrows, confused why anyone would think that. "You know, after your kiss at Tony's party and the amount of time you've been spending together."

"The kiss was a dare, it's not like it meant anything." You shrugged and looked back at your phone.

"And let's not forget to mention that she clearly likes you." You perked up at this, scrunching your face up in confusion once more.

"No she doesn't," You replied, setting your phone down, "Like I said, friends." You confirmed and she hummed, not fully believing you.

You took your time thinking about what she said about Wanda, she didn't like you and that was clear. Everyone is close with their friends, especially when they're one of your best ones so it's not like it had to be something romantic.

"You talked about an ex, have they," She gestured to your phone that was now on the bed, "made contact?" Your face fell a little at the mention of said ex and she noticed it but didn't say anything on top of that.

"No, she moved to Australia a while ago, part of the reason why we broke up."

"You still love her, don't you?" She asked softly and came to sit on the bed with you.

"No, no, it's a long story but neither of us have feelings for each other anymore. Sure I may care for her but it's nothing like love." She nodded her head silently, watching the bed below her not knowing what to say.

"How long were you together?"

"A year and half." You told her simply, meeting her eyes when she looked up at you.

" A long time then." She stated and you hummed, nodding your head.

"Still hate me?" You changed the topic, wiggling your eyebrows at her and she scoffed, laughing slightly as she shook her head, "Is that a no?" You gasped, a smile on your face as a blush of slight embarrassment made its way to her cheeks.

"I do." She told you and you narrowed your eyes on her.

"You're blushing, of course you don't hate me." You played, pointing to her face and it grew more, hitting your hand away telling you to stop.

"I dislike you." She raised her eyebrows as she looked at you and you hummed, telling her you don't believe her.

"Just say you like me and call it a day." You shrugged, the smile still present on your lips.

"Never." She told you in a fake serious tone and you laughed at her. "What? I'm being serious." She fought, fake offended.

"Sure you are." She shook her head, moving closer to your laughing state.

"But if I don't hate you, now I can do this." She whispered as she hovered over you, her hair tickling your face as her eyes flicked to your lips before going back to your eyes.

"I don't think Wanda would want that." You teased in a whisper, repeating what you had said all those nights ago as you looked at her lips. Taking that as an invite show lowered her lips and met yours in a soft, delicate kiss. Her hand made its way to your hip as yours came up to cup her cheek, pulling her deeper into you as the kiss gained its pace.

"I don't care what Wanda wants." She whispered against your lips before pulling you back in. Your heart rate grew as you realized this was what you've wanted this whole time. Faking your hate for each other when you only wanted her, and you had her, and she had you. Her lips moved against yours, her hand squeezing your hip as she let it wander over your stomach, finally feeling you.

You wanted this just as much as she did, she had wanted you this whole time but never allowed herself to do something about it until now and she regretted not claiming you as hers a long time ago. She showed you everything she felt for you in that moment with her eager kisses over your jaw and your neck, leaving marks to show Wanda that you only belonged to her. She wanted it clear to everyone and was willing to do anything if someone were to look at you for a second too long. "I know you're jealous of Wanda." You admitted as you pulled back slightly, wanting her to know.

"I have no reason to be when you're already mine." 

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