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You left empty handed that day, no information to help with anything and Natasha was silent the whole way back, not daring to bring up what you had done. She underestimated you and she could see that now.

The four of you left the Quinjet and entered the tower, SHIELD agents waiting for your return, hoping to have something to work with but they didn't. You searched every place possible and came out with nothing, they were disappointed to say the least. You knew this was somehow going to turn back on you but you didn't yet quite know how, all you knew was that you felt extremely weak and wanted to sleep. "I'm just gonna," you trailed off, unable to finish your sentence as you pointed in the direction of your room, "sleep."

You walked out  and ignored everyone's eyes on you as you dragged your feet to the elevator, forcing yourself to stay standing as you entered. As the doors opened when you got to the floor of your room, you held onto the wall for support, growing scared of what was happening to you. You made it to your room as quickly as you were able to as you fell against the wall, clutching your stomach; a pain crushing your insides as you slowly gave up moving.

Sweat coated your face, your chest and your back, your head spinning and you tried with all your strength to stand up but failed miserably as you fell into the desk, the plant pot falling and breaking on the ground. "Fuck," You winced, your insides feel like they were being twisted together with a tight grip, "I'm not dying," You tried, clutching your stomach as you out a loud groan, "dying's embarrassing." You placed your hand to the floor only to hear the sizzling as your hand made contact, your powers were heating your body up on its own and you had no control over it.

Your door swung open and there stood Wanda, watching as you lay helplessly on the floor, groaning and crying in pain and she rushed over to you. "Don't touch me." You warned, not wanting to hurt her.

"Y/n-" She tried but shook your head, forcing yourself to move back.

"Don't touch me!"

"I'll go get bruce." With that she rushed out of the room leaving you with whatever was happening to you. You've had many scares before but not like this one, none of them compared to this, your insides were being crushed, your own powers taking over you and you had nothing you were able to do to stop it. You felt your eyes getting heavier by the second and before you knew it, you blacked out. Not remembering anything else that happened afterwards. 

You woke, Wanda close by and as you went to sit up the restrains on your arms stopped you, "the fuck?" you whispered to yourself, looking down at your arms.

"You lashed out at everybody, we had no choice." A voice different from Wanda's spoke and you turned to see someone you don't recognise standing on the other side of you.

"Get me out of this." You ordered them but he shook his head no.

"No can do sweetheart." Hu shrugged his shoulders before taking a seat.

"Bucky, notify Bruce she's awake." Wanda told the guy who you had just learnt was named Bucky, and he stood once more before leaving the room, a playful wink coming your way before he got out of sight.

"What does Bruce have to do with this?" You asked, confused why the doctor had to come. Sure, he was a doctor but that doesn't explain why he needs to be here whilst you're strapped to a bed.

"He took a sample of your blood, he was looking over it as we waited for you to wake up. It's been three days so I think he's entitled to know."

"Three days?" You repeated, never once have you been out for that long, but then again you've never had it that bad, "and why did he take my blood?"

"You have powers that are stronger than we could think, you lashed out and lost control over them," she began, explaining as you lay like a dead corpse on the bed, "there's a possibility they're too powerful for you  to handle." You looked at her with confusion in your expression.

"Okay..." You tried to understand but shook your head when you couldn't, "that doesn't explain why he took my blood." The witch looked at you, wondering if you were really as stupid as you were being in the moment.

"There's a fault somewhere in your powers, that could be a reason why you couldn't contain them, he wants to see if his theory is right."

"Theory?" You questioned like a child, Wanda rolled her eyes at you.

"Whether your powers were made or you were born with them."

"Oh they were made." You attempted to shrug but couldn't and Wanda looked at you like you had just given her the answer, which you did but you weren't sure why it was a big deal.

"I'll be back." With that she stood up and rushed out the room, not being patient enough to wait for Bruce to get to you.

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