Not Lazy.

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(Disclaimer: events take part before endgame but some scenes are used that take place during it. Complicated but it's fiction so run with it!)

The months passed by, the idea of a vacation coming closer to happening as you lay under the covers with Nat snuggled to you, her face buried in your neck occasionally kissing it as the two of you watched the latest episode of your favorite show. The two of you spent your 6-month anniversary together a week ago and has not left your side since, always reminding you of how much she loved you with each day that passed.

"You're such a softie, y'know?" You chuckled when she moved back to look at you, narrowing her eyes as she smirked.

"I am no such thing." She rolled her eyes playfully and you shook your head, pushing at her shoulder lightly until she grabbed your hand, gently removing it from her as she leant down and kissed you, your hand still in hers. "And you know what you are?" You hummed in response, telling her to continue, "You're pretty," She kissed your cheek, "You're beautiful," Your lips, "You're also hot," she moved to your jaw making you giggle with a blush spreading your cheeks, "And you're also," she kissed back to your lips before continuing, "very lazy."

"I am not lazy." You huffed, fighting back a smile as you crossed your arms across your chest.

"You're always tired, always lay down and always asleep." She quirked an eyebrow, testing you to retort but she was right.

"Okay, I'm a very tired person!" You laughed, defending yourself, "but lazy is not one." You pointed at her chest, jokingly warning her.

"When was your last mission again?" She smirked as she pretending to think as you rolled your eyes knowing exactly where this was going, "That's right, about 3 weeks ago. That's nearly a whole month, love."

"And that's because Fury hasn't set me one," You defend, uncrossing your arms to hold her face in your hands, "You just got lucky with being picked." You whispered, an amused look on your face.

"I got picked, but not by choice, if it were up to me, I'd be spending each day with you wrapped up in our bed." Oh yeah, that's right, our. After seeing you and Nat always spending each night together, Tony practically made Nat move in your room being your biggest shipper.

"See, soft." You smiled, knowing she had just proven you right from your previous choice of words.

"Maybe a little," She admitted, pulling you in to meet her lips halfway, "you just have that effect on me." She whispered to you, smirking when you blushed.

The day was going well, normal, until a loud screeching sound came from the sky. Running to the windows, you all saw the giant ship that hovered above the compound, missiles aimed at it before it began shouting them towards the building.

Tony put you all on lockdown, everyone quickly ready in their suits as you all evacuated the area, falling with a hard crash when the ground shook on impact.

"Wanda! Get Lucky!" You heard Tony yell as you whipped your head around to see the building collapsing on top of the animal, almost crushing him before Wanda used her powers to stop the building crushing him then Thor ran in, swooping the dog up in one swipe and handing him to Parker who took him to safety.

Troops began swarming the area, coming from all areas possible until your eyes locked on the main cause of this. The tall, bulky thing stood with a smirk on his face from across the compound. His troops charging at the little people you had from each direction, all of you standing in a circle ready to fight them off.

Peter hung back in, joining the formation after leaving Lucky somewhere safe. "We are so screwed." You heard him mumbled beside you and you grabbed his hand, squeezing it as you gave him a reassuring smile. He nodded just a fraction before you both looked back to the running troops.

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