Chapter thirty-three.

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I banged onto the door screaming

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I banged onto the door screaming. Alex has been gone for about forty minutes and I wasn't having it. I don't know where he is and if he's okay. All I want to do is hug my brother and protect him from everything. I failed once.

I refuse to fail him again. Sliding down the door I hide my face into my hands. Everything my fault. He wouldn't have been raped if I would have just stayed by him. If I didn't stupidly believe in unicorns I would have saved him.

Alex only got tricked cause I went out into the woods in hopes to find a real life Unicorn . Like axel said I would if I just believed enough. All I did find when I came home was a passed out axel. And a bloody crying Alex. The worse part about it was Alex wasn't crying cause of the pain. He was crying cause he thought I died.

Tears kept falling from my eyes as flashbacks kept coming back to my mind.

Flashback third person POV:

Young Alexandra stormed inside throwing her half empty bag of candy on the floor. She grumbled under her breathe as she angrily took off her light up sneakers.

They were her favorite shoes. She thought it was only appropriate to wear them just in case she meet one. Alexandra shook her head as she marched up the stairs calling out for her brother.

"Bubbles? Where are you? You were right I didn't find any unicorns" she called out. Whispering the last part to herself. She didn't fully wanna admit that she didn't find any. Only cause she knows Alexander would bully her.

"Bubbles is that you crying?" Alexandra stop. Her face scrunched up in confusion. She shook her head following the sound of sobs. No that couldn't be bubbles crying he never cries. She thought to herself shaking her head.

Alexandra slowly opened up the door. Once she had let the door fully open a gasp left her mouth. There was axel laying down next to her brother. The brother who was covered in blood and was crying hard and loudly.

"Alexandra?" Alex called out sniffling. Alexandra rushed towards her brother making sure not to wake axel. Alex reached out to her crying harder. She wrapped her small arms around him trying to understand why he was bleeding.

Did he fall down the stairs? She thought. Her eyes were looking everywhere trying to find a clue. "Alex why are you crying?" Alexandra pulls away as she asked. She couldn't pull away to much since he didn't allow her too.

"I thought you were dead Lexi" Alex whimpered crying harder into his sister neck. Alexandra pulled away "what do you mean? I went to the woods like I told you".

She frowned. Didn't he remember? All night long she had been talking about meeting a unicorn. Alex nodded his head. Alexandra raised her eyebrow at him. "Than why did you think I was dead?".

"He t-told me" Alex said pointing his finger towards the sleeping monster next to him.

"Why would? Wait why are you bleeding" Alexandra says looking down at Alex bloody chest. Alex shook his head not wanting to answer his twin sister question.

"Point to where your bleeding bubbles so I can help stop it" . Alex slowly turned around lifting up his butt. Alexandra gasped covering her mouth. Tears fell from her eyes.

"What did he do?" She asks scrambling out of the bed. Alexander struggled but followed after his twin into the bathroom. Where Alexandra was already warming up a bath.

"He put his special part into mine and it hurt so badly Lexi" Alex mutters quietly. He looked down, his face was full of shame. Alexandra looked towards the bedroom. All kinds of disgust ran through her. Axel was their hero. Their savior. The person they called family.

How could he have hurt her brother? And say she was dead?
End of flashback and back to Alexandra POV.

Thomas sat besides me rubbing my back softly. I didn't want his comfort I wanted Alex's comfort. Everything was eating me alive. All the guilt I thought I buried a long time ago. It's all coming back and so much more of it. He needed me and I was out looking for stupid fucking unicorns. How absolutely pathetic.

"You can't do that, don't wash yourself with guilt don't end up like me" Thomas voice snaps me out of my stupid horrid thoughts. I slowly lifted my head out of my hands. Thomas was looking down at me with a slight smile.

"God you look just like your mother I'd say your more of her twin than I am" he chuckles. Very dryly I may add. I rolled my eyes pushing my hair out of my face. Some strings of my hair were stuck on my sticky cheeks. God I hate tears.

"I've always wondered how she was like" I whisper quietly playing with my fingers. Thomas smiled widely. Most likely thinking about her. I won't lie, it kept me up at nights.

It was always the same thoughts. Why didn't she want us? How come she didn't love us? What did we do to deserve this?

"For starters she was obsessed with the idea of you and your brother born" Thomas says. I huffed at his words. "She was always calling me telling me all kinds of different names and how she couldn't wait to see her first daughter" he looks at me nudging me slightly.

"Now I remember this one time, we were out getting ice cream much to your father displeasure. Anyways she was about five months pregnant and hadn't have felt a kick yet" I raised my eyebrow at him hinting for him to hurry up.

"Well than ms rude, We were sitting down and I was eating chocolate she was eating strawberry. She hated strawberry flavored ice cream so I don't know why she got it but she was begging for it. So me being the best twin gave her mine and as soon as it went into her mouth you guys went crazy" he chuckles.

"You guys kicked so hard she dropped the ice cream!" He laughed throwing his head back.  I smiled softly shaking my head. Alex loves strawberry flavored. I'm the one who loves chocolate. It's always been my favorite since I was little.

"Thank you for that" I say looking away from him. Thomas pulled me into a side hug.

"We're family Alexandra I'm your tio" . My heart warmed at that. Alex and I need family.

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