Chapter twenty-five.

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I screamed as Alex chased me down the schools hallways

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I screamed as Alex chased me down the schools hallways. The sound of my own laughter filled the air. To anyone who didn't know I was actually terrified they probably think I'm enjoying my twin brother chasing me with the most killer look ever.

Scared shitless I ran into a random classroom. Hiding myself behind the startled clueless teacher. "Save me teacher!" I screamed moving her her around with myself. Alex grunted in frustration. My eyes widen as I watched him pull his gun out. He may not kill me but he'll kill everyone in this room. Just to let out his annoyance.

"Alex don't you dear!" I hiss out pushing the teacher out of the way. Oh no he doesn't. He can't kill everyone here but not let me do it. Totally not fair if he does than so do I!

"You pissed me off so I get to kill everyone and the second you start whining I'll kill you" Alex growls as he loaded his gun. By now kids were crying as the teacher was begging for mercy. Why I don't know. Should I tell them it's useless? I should shouldn't I. Nah, I shouldn't.

Alex pointed the gun towards the students. Traumatizing them for the rest of their lives. Should I let them live and be traumatized or let them die? Hard choices. Before I could even pick it Alex gun goes off. I quickly pushed his hand causing the bullet to fly up.

"Everyone run or my dumbass brother who has a short temper is gonna kill you!" I screamed, struggling to hold him back from shooting more. Alex pushed me off him with his free hand. He threw his gun on the floor dramatically. I shook my head at my brother childish act.

"Alex you need to learn how to control your anger you can't just go and shot people!" I hiss slapping his arm. Alex rolls his eyes letting out a dry chuckle. "Oh but you can throw knives at me cause your fucking stupid? And don't know how to read" he spits out before storming out the classroom. I followed after him completely ignoring the cops screaming at us to stop.

They began to shoot at us. Alex and I just continued to walk. More so alex was stomping, I was skipping after him. Right as he slowed down I jumped on his back ducking as a bullet flew past me.

I messed up his hair smiling at the sound of his laughter. He forgives me! We managed to make it out of the school without getting shot. I'm not sure how we didn't get shot but we didn't.

I guess the cops really weren't trying. Jumping off his back I give him a floppy smile. Alex rolls his eyes shaking his head with a small smile. I go to reach my phone to take a picture.

"Shit I left my phone! Alex I have to go get it" I panicked completely ignoring his calls for me to come back. I ran back into the school building. I'm not leaving my phone. It has way to much information, important information.

I huffed as Alexandra left me behind

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I huffed as Alexandra left me behind. To be fair I could run after her but I'm to lazy. Turning back around I pull my car keys out of my pocket. Well technically these aren't my car keys. Their one of my brothers. I keep forgetting their names but honestly who cares.

Right as I was about to sit myself down I felt a cold Metal press against my head. A gun. Man, they couldn't have picked the worse timing. I just wanna sit down I'm over standing. It's overrated.  Especially since I just got done running.

"Is that necessary? I mean really" I complain. The person pressed the gun harder into my head. That's rude. What a bully I'm gonna have a bruise now. Alexandra gonna bully me. Speaking of her we need to buy a new car. I saw a magazine of this new car and it blew me away. It was so cool, the cars seats are recliners.

"Don't scream or yell I swear the god I'll kill you" the guy threatens. I could feel him putting his finger onto the trigger. Hell nah. I refuse to die at school.  I mean come on now I don't even like this school or school in general. That's why I finished high school when I was like ten.

"Why would I scream? And yelling the same thing so" noted, nodding my head at the end sure of myself. It is the same thing no?

"Shut up and move" he hisses. Geez what a fucking jerk. I looked down at my snake ring. Alexandra has the same one. Tapping it three times, before walking the way he wanted me to.   It send the emergency single to her. She has my  location now just as long as I keep it on.

Alexandra better not sell my cars. I'll fight her ass. Aw man she probably will sell my cars. Why couldn't he have kidnapped her. Is this even kidnapping? I'm sixteen. Should be called teen napping.  Now that's just stupid. Teen napping really? I need to be more clever for gods sake. Alexnapping that's it.

"Would you shut up!" He snaps pushing me into the car. I looked at him confused. I was talking in my head. Wasn't I?

"No you fucking dumbass you aren't! Hell you still aren't talking in your head" he seethes slamming the car door shut. Well than.

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