Chapter six. 

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 I throw my hair up into a messy ponytail as I walk out of the small bathroom

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I throw my hair up into a messy ponytail as I walk out of the small bathroom. Alex looks up at me with a small smirk on his face.

"What is it this time alex?" I ask raising my eyebrow. My idiot of a twin shakes his head laughing. I roll my eyes ignoring his childish behavior. Sitting myself down across from him, I look out of the airplane window.

Julio made us come on this airplane by ourselves since they had a meeting else where. Of course I knew exactly what they where going .

"Drina check your emails the launch date is almost here" alex voice rings throughout my ears. I turn my head facing him "do you think people like the new phone?".

Alex shrugs "it's a phone that's able to charge anywhere as long as a outlet plug is thirty feet away" he pauses tilting his head "I mean who wouldn't want to be able to charge their phone without a stupid charger?".

"Not only that but it's safe to" I mumble as I type in my password to my laptop. As soon as I open my emails off the back it's full of people wanting to collaborate or simply make a business deal. We run three different companies which is stressful.

The first company we ever started was Itech. It's our software company, we first got big off the chip alex and I accidentally made. What the chip does is mainly for hacking but since we had to label it off differently for illegal purposes. Anyway what it does is you put this tiny chip into any locked or broken Device it automatically transfers files to the chip.

Even if it's photos, videos, passwords and you know where certain drug shipments are for different mafias. It's way more complicated than what I'm making it out to seem but overall it's worth billions since it came out.

Our second company is just hotels and night clubs. It's called A.A which is really simply but worth millions. All of it just a cover up for of course our mafia. We aren't just assassins but mob bosses. It all started out when we first started helping mobsters.

Alex and I still do help someone it comes in handy since we have many strong allies. Worse comes to worse we have the German, Arab, Chinese, and Japanese mafia backing us up.

Shaking away my thoughts I start to answer some emails while Alexander is on the phone with one of the mobsters.

"No me importa quién jodidamente robó qué encuéntrelos y mátelos!" Alex screams into his phone before hanging up. 

"What did they steal?" I ask looking down at my laptop screen still typing away.

"My fucking car! I knew I shouldn't have come on this damn plane we should have killed these fuckers!" Alex sneers.  I sigh closing my laptop "we can buy a new car hermano" . 

"I know I just need to get my hands bloody I fucking hate sitting around" alex mutters looking away from my eyes.  

"While on a good note everything is good for the launch so now all we have to do is sit back and wait for it to be sold out" I said before grabbing his hand. He looks up at me and smiles slightly .

"nos quedamos juntos hasta el final hermana" I smile at his words.

"hasta el final hermano" I reply back.

A/N  sorry this is short but I wanted to clear up some things . THIS IS NOT a incest story.  I made these two close for a reason it will all play out very soon. I'm trying to leave many hints and clues to what mafia they run.  Anyway next chapters will be about their mafia and what they do. So this is my warning now deaths or should I say murders will be up next.

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