Chapter twenty-one.

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I roll my eyes as alex sliced one of our bodyguards neck

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I roll my eyes as alex sliced one of our bodyguards neck. He turns around raising his eyebrow at my bored face expression.

"He called you ugly! And I look like you!" he reasons cleaning off his blade with the bottom of his shirt .

"Would you stop? He said you were ugly not me" I huff crossing my arms above my chest. Alexander shakes his head tapping his chin as his eyebrows furrowed.

"I'm pretty sure it was you he called ugly Drina" he replies nodding his head. I flick his forehead "idiot we look alike!".

"I'm literally better looking" he argues raising a eyebrow. Literally he's not I don't know who told him that. People are so mean lying to my idiotic twin brother.

"Whatever loser" I agree dropping the argument. Alex smiles brightly showing off his dimples. He leans down placing a kiss on my forehead making me cringe. I wipe the kiss off sticking my tongue out at him.

"It's good you know I'm the better twin " he says ignoring my childish behavior .

"Are you two done?" Rafael asks cutting into our conversation. I nod my head picking up a different knife. My eyes flicker back to the man we are torturing. 

"So tell me where the real files are?" I say changing the tone in my voice from childish to strict and stern. The man stiffens up to my question. Alex groans slumping down into his chair.

"God just tell us so I can go to fucking bed!" Alex complains cutting off another finger . He lets out a laugh realizing it was the man middle finger .

"STOP PLEASE!" The man begs as tears fell from his eyes. His whole body shook as sobs escaped his mouth. The sight was absolutely pathetic. A grown man crying to two teenage kids.

"We said we would all you gotta do is tell us where the real files are" I state stabbing my knife into his thigh again. He gasps at the sudden action. His body is to weak and tired to let out another scream or sob.

"I c-can't he'll kill them" he stutters dropping his head allowing it to hang low.

"If you don't tell me in the next five minutes I'll be the one to kill your kids" alex growls slamming his hands down on the table. I roll my eyes sighing at my brother short temper .

"We don't kill kids but we'll leave them parentless" I correct my brother smiling at the thought. Some parents worse fear is their children being alone with no one to look after them. Dying with that fear in their hearts will never allow them peace in the after life.

"Okay! Just please give my wife and children protection!" The man shouts looking at alex with pleading eyes.

" tell us and I'll have them protected de'bardi promise" alex answers. He pressed his middle finger and index together pressing a kiss on the two fingers before pressing it against his heart.

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