Chapter eight .

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"What do you mean they left?" I shout looking at three of my children

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"What do you mean they left?" I shout looking at three of my children. Heidi puts her hands in the air "I was taking a bath! Chris and Brian took care of them". She explains giving the boys a glare.

"How are we suppose to know they would jump out a two story and steal a car " Chris stresses crossing his arms. Right as I was about to chime in the front door swings up.

Alexandra and Alexander walks in eating fucking fries. Alexandra looks at me and waves her hand " hey guys ".

"Where the fuck where you two?" I scoff walking over to them. Alexander looks up at me and shrugs before popping a fries into his mouth. This fucker.

"I wanted fries" Alexander hums out walking straight pass me. Alexandra gives me a smirk before following after her twin.

"Is it just me or do they never smile? Like their faces are completely dead but it's weird cause they literally look like goddess" Chris rambles on. I shake my head waving him off.

"Dad can Sofia please come spend the night?" Heidi ask following after me up the stairs. I turn to face her once I stopped at the twins door.

"You're twenty do whatever you want matter of fact look into some houses" I tell her motioning her to leave. She nods her head before running off giggling. 

I shake my head before walking into the twins room.   Alexander was sitting on the couch eating fries while watching Netflix on the tv.

"Where's your sister?" I ask grabbing the remote. I turn off the tv looking at Alexander.

He simply looks than back at the tv. His eyes narrowed at me as his lips go into a thin line.

"You turned off the tv" he states glaring at me. Wow my sons first words to me are that. How special.

"Yeah I did and you left my house breaking down my thousand dollar gate!" I scoff looking down at him.

"You know that was your own fault for having a weak ass gate" Alexander shrugs . I want to kill this little boy.

"What's going on here?" Alexandra says walking into the room with a towel wrapped around her head. She was wearing a grey crop top and black sweatpants.

"He turned off the tv right as Scott was beating Peter!" Alexander huffs .  I raise my eyebrow at him before looking back at Alexandra.

"That's the best part" Alexandra pointed out. Alex throws his hands up "that's what I'm saying!" .

"Enough of that!" I shout.  They both look up at me.

"You two are not allowed to leave this damn house without my knowledge! " I bark out.

"We already did once at least we didn't take fifteen years to come back" Alexander says . I shot him a glare.

"That's true! It only took us a day to come back that's a record breaker" Alexandra chimes in. 

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