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The Agency And The Division ✔ by JetBlackVans
The Agency And The Division ✔by JetBlackVans
[COMPLETED] "Oh crap is that..." Brett started, but when he noticed that it was indeed my baby in this jerks hands he stopped dead in his tracks. "
  • theagency
  • guns
  • badass
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Cotton Candy Bruises  by goatdun
Cotton Candy Bruises by cj
Alex is a sadist and a masochist. Nicole is the all too willing sub that falls in love, and into Alex's control.
  • masochism
  • daddy
  • choking
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Paladin by SallySlater
Paladinby Sally Slater
Sam is the most promising swordsman among this year’s crop of Paladin trainees...and knows it. Brash, cocky, and unbeatable with a sword (well, almost), Sam is the kingd...
  • violence
  • death
  • demons
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The Monster's Little Angel by Ashes4
The Monster's Little Angelby C.A.Ashes
It's not easy being a single parent. Especially if said parent, is a young adult male, a mafia boss and how his wife was murdered while still carrying his child. And it...
  • singleparent
  • kidnapping
  • father
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Tired of Pretending by FreckledBrunette
Tired of Pretendingby FreckledBrunette
A collection of very short stories of Merlin revealing some talents of his, they are not connected. I have 12 chapters planned. Warning: language.
  • gwaine
  • sword
  • arthur
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Agent 13 (Book 1) by Quidam13
Agent 13 (Book 1)by ~K~
"With all due respect sir, adding a new member to this team will only slow us down." "On the contrary, if anything your team will slow her down." ***...
  • teenfiction
  • thirteen
  • knives
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Soul - Colby Brock by EvieSparx
Soul - Colby Brockby Evie Blank
People stayed away from her. They knew better than to piss her off. The girl supposedly without a soul. The girl supposedly involved with a gang. The girl who supposedly...
  • knives
  • gangs
  • friendship
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Making A Bad Boy by sasha_94
Making A Bad Boyby Sasha
Leigh Desmond has always been the bad girl, the girl who didn’t care about anyone’s feelings, the girl who broke all the rules, and didn’t need anyone. That is until she...
  • kidnap
  • guns
  • bully
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Chains (Jeff The Killer X Reader) by -SilverThorns-
Chains (Jeff The Killer X Reader)by Thorn
Fate can be.. twisted. Sometimes to the point where it's too messed up to fix it. But what if.. what if it isn't so bad after all? "The more blood on my hands, the...
  • sally
  • jeff
  • knives
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Black Princess:The Darkest Secret ~COMPLETED~ (BOOK 1) (UNDER MAJOR EDITING) by iam_arkeigh
Black Princess:The Darkest 👌🏻✨
❗️UNDER MAJOR EDITING❗️ Hi guys I'am a new student here and nice to meet you all my name is................. There is this girl who is just pretending to be a nerd or le...
  • princess
  • mafia
  • magic
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Abused Virgil one shots (requests open) by LunaRamon-Mikaelson
Abused Virgil one shots ( LunaRamon-Mikaelson
Title says it all more of a description inside
  • knives
  • abusiveprinxiety
  • abusedvirgil
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Bad Ass (COMPLETED) by ashlynwolfhard13
Bad Ass (COMPLETED)by ashstrangerthings13
You are 17 and a gang leader. You are returning to your hometown for the love of your life who you met when you were 13. You have a three year old daughter. The love of...
  • brothers
  • sexscenes
  • knives
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Protector Of The Werewolves by Invisible_xShadow
Protector Of The Werewolvesby Christina
She's no hunter. She doesn't mess around. She's the hotest, smartest, powerfulest Protector. She's Cassidy Ruth. Cassidy is full of dark secrets. Only May Smith, her rig...
  • supernatural
  • knifes
  • alpha
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Cold Blood - Killing Stalking X Sister!Reader by 1800-CatchTheseHandS
Cold Blood - Killing Stalking X RIP Cameron Boyce💔
Yoon [Y/N] wasn't creepy or a stalker like her younger brother Yoon Bum, but when he drags her into predicaments she never agreed to, it's up to the siblings to escape t...
  • yoonbum
  • cooking
  • nsfw
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Ash like Snow by charlynrosej
Ash like Snowby Charlyn Rose
Thrust into the world of the elite Fae, and the cutthroat courts: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter, Tamsyn's new world proves to be more deadly than anything she has e...
  • magic
  • love
  • insurrection
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Grey Wolf by NalaSonya
Grey Wolfby Kala
Lindsey Grey has a strange habit of waking up naked in the middle of the woods covered in someone else’s blood and guts. It’s been happening since she was 11. She has a...
  • imortals
  • freedom
  • mark
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Princess Agents [Season 2] by TigerGirl156
Princess Agents [Season 2]by ~Lee Ji Yeon~
After the ice lake battle, Chu Qiao knows that Yan Xun has completely changed he has changed into a cold heart person and hatred has taken over his body and now all he w...
  • toubadynasty
  • bows
  • weathers
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Zero Fucks by Konton-Shi
Zero Fucksby Mokushiroku
Ketsueki is a murderer. He is an assassin. He is sadistic. He just is. That was his purpose. But then, he finally met a certain someone that could change all those facts...
  • nations
  • crazy
  • naruto
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The Revenge of the Badass Agent by outcasts_
The Revenge of the Badass Agentby outcasts_
5 year old Hannah had a normal life. That was until her parents were murdered. 12 years later, Hannah is back for revenge. She is a recruited agent and is looking for t...
  • gangs
  • guns
  • revenge
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My Mafia Man by Tkyla13
My Mafia Manby Tkyla13
Angelica Black: she's a 17 year old girl who is sarcastic and funny. But you don't won't to get on her bad side or she will kill you literally. Her dad is the second mos...
  • guns
  • possessive
  • badboy
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