Chapter seven.

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Drina and I walk down the jet sets holding each other hand

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Drina and I walk down the jet sets holding each other hand. I was walking down first while she walked behind me. It was always a safety hazard for us not to be walking near one another.  We have enemies everywhere so we stick together just in case one decides to be bold.

"Oh my god you two are stunning" the woman in front of us sequels. She runs over to us throwing her arms around me.  Unwrapping her arms from myself I step back bringing Drina with me. What's up with these people and touching?

"Oh sorry I'm Heidi" the woman says blushing out of embarrassment. I nod my head which seems to calm her down since she gives us a huge smile.

Heidi was a beautiful woman, she had black. Curly hair with gorgeous green eyes. Her skin color was a light brown . 

"While come on the boys are excited to meet you two!" Heidi announces clapping her hands.

"Boys?" Alexandera asks tilting her head.  Her face was emotionless but her eyes showed she was confused. 

"Our other brothers silly" Heidi smiles before walking away. I give Alexandera a look before following after Heidi .

After what seemed like thirty hours the car finally comes to a stop. The door swings up with a very happy Heidi. She was practically jumping up and down clapping her hands.

"Why are you so happy?" Alexandera grumbles as she gets out of car. I follow after her standing right next to her.  Heidi grabs our hands pulling us inside the mansion.

"AH WHAT THE FUCK" a male voice yells from upstairs. Loud footsteps follow after the voice. Not even second later two teenage boys were standing on top of staircase.

"Heidi fucking Chris stepped on my white air force's!" The blonde hair boys whines completely ignoring Alexandera and I.

"Guys" Heidi hisses tilting her head trying to point to us without making it obvious. She failed badly since Drina and I both give each other a side look.

Did she really think we are blind or some shit? Like seriously bitch I can see you pointing at us even if your hand is low.

"Oh shit who are they?" Both of the boys ask at the same time.

"The Twins we told literally talked about this in the group chat" Heidi groans rubbing her templates. I roll my eyes at how fast their faces turned red.

"Oh yeah!" The blonde one says shaking his head with a grin on his face. He was a tall slim dude with green eyes. His jawline was sharp along with his cheekbones. 

"I'm Chris and this is Brian" he states pointing to the guy on the left.

"He's Alexander and I'm Alexandera it's spelled the same way just my name has a 'a' at the end" Drina hums tapping her chin.

"We know I helped picking out your guys name" Brian chimes in looking directly at Alexandra.

"I have a question why are we in  Italy" Drina asks. If I didn't know her I would say she seems genuinely confused. In reality she's playing dumb.

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