Chapter thirty six.

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Axel pressed down on his trigger throwing his head back laughing

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Axel pressed down on his trigger throwing his head back laughing. Alexandra sat their frozen in her seat. Unable to do anything but wait for the bullet to hit her. The sound of julio yelling, the fear of loosing his little girl was very noticeable on his face. All of her brothers were fighting with axel men.

Alex quickly jumped out of his seat throwing himself in front of Alexandra. The bullet hits Alex right in the chest. Alexandra let out a deadly scream. Tears were falling from her eyes. Axel dropped his gun along with his wicked smile. "Alex no!". Alexandra cries out. Struggling to get to her bleeding out twin .

Who was laying on the ground. He was just looking up at her smiling softly. His mouth was filling up with blood. "It's okay Drina it's okay". Alex choked out coughing up blood.

Julio rushed over to his daughter untying her. Everyone was focus on the dying teen and his hysterical sister sobs. Thomas managed to sneak in. He pointed his gun towards axel.

Looking up Thomas mutters 'this is for you hermana'. Thomas pressed down on the trigger shooting axel in the head. Seconds later axel body fell on the floor dead before he hit the ground. (Sister)

Meanwhile Alexandra rushed over to her twin pulling his head towards her chest. Not caring about all the blood getting on her. Or even the fact everyone was staring at her . The only thing she cared about was her brother staying alive.

"D-don't waste your life in a-anger hermana, live your life for m-me okay?" . Alex begs. Alexandra shook her head. "Don't do that Alexander your gonna live understand me? Don't you even dear think about leaving me!" .

Alex eyes slowly begin to shut. "Just promise me Alexandra you'll l-live" . Alexandra leans her head against her brothers. No words were said but Alexandra knew. She knew it was time.

"I promise" she choked out. Alexander reached up to her cheek rubbing it lightly. "S-sing for me p-please?". He stuttered out. Alexandra clears her throat trying not to choke on her own sobs.

"You are m-my sunshine, you make me happy when all the skies are grey" Alexandra rasped out, struggling to sing for her brother. She paused as Alex hand fell from her face. Alexander laid in his sisters arms, his best friend. Soulmate. He was no longer breathing.

"So please don't- take a-away my s-sunshine" she choked out. All she could do was hold onto the lifeless body of her twin. The person she came into the world with. The only person she's ever loved with everything in her. Her world, her soulmate.

Everyone stood around the twins. Grief took over everyone faces. Julio fell onto his knees sobbing. Eric and Luke were standing behind their father trying their best to comfort him.

Brian was crying into Chris chest. Alexandra looked around with anger in her eyes. He was gone. It was all their faults. If they would have just left them alone in New York her best friend would be alive. They would have probably been on a stupid mission she dragged him too.

Or maybe even watching a movie with Rafael goofing around just for the fun of it. But instead here they were. Well here was one of them crying over the others death.

"Descansa querido, vengo pronto" Alexandra whispers. Everyone was to focus comforting everyone else to notice her reaching for axel gun. Alexandra picked up the gun laying it on her lap. She lays a finale kiss on Alex forehead.

The teenage girl took a deep breathe in before lifting up the gun. She pressed it into her forehead. Alexandra looked down at her twins lifeless body. She couldn't live life without him.

And with that she pressed the trigger shooting herself in the head. Her body fell on top of her brothers. Maybe it was faith maybe it was one of gods power. Alexandra head fell on top of Alexander chest. The two twins laid with one another peacefully .

She didn't keep her promise.

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