Chapter two. 

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Slamming my hands down on the desk in front of me

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Slamming my hands down on the desk in front of me.  All the men in the room jump a little. I stand up fixing my tie before scoffing loudly. 

"I gave you idiots of fucking job ONE FUCKING JOB!" I growled loudly. The room filled with the sound of gulps.  I slowly sit down in my chair pouring myself a cup of whiskey.  My two oldest sons stand behind me scowling at everyone just like myself.

These fuckers can't do shit right and it's pissing me off. They lost one of my drug shipments. Drugs equal money and money equals power.  If I loose my shipments I loose my mafia. 

"I'm giving you fuckers one day to find my fucking drugs before I kill each and every one of your fucking family members got it?" I Declare loudly. Everyone nods their head before walking out of my office.  Their asses will be working hard tonight.

"padre, il tuo telefono squilla" Luke voice snaps me out of my day dreaming. I nod my head before picking up my phone. Bring the Device to my ear I press answer "who the fuck is it?".

The sound of someone clearing their voice comes through the other end of the call. 

"Is this mr. Bardi?" A woman voice asks. I pull the phone away from my ear looking down at the screen. It was a unknown number. I sigh before pulling it back to my ear.

"Yes this is him whom is this?" I request loosing my patients.  "Oh good I just wanted to ask if you're aware your children Alexander and Alexandera are trying to enroll to grand terrace high?" The woman spoke.

I look at my sons before taking a deep breathe. No it couldn't be them could it? The twins?

"I'm sorry what are you talking about?" I pleaded out trying not to get my hopes up. The woman chuckles into the phone.

"New York grand terrace high two fifteen year old twins who seem to be in foster care are currently sitting in the principal office waiting for a signature to join our school" I almost drop my phone at her words.  New York fucking hell we live there.

"I'm coming give me two hours or so" I said before hanging up. I quickly stand up grabbing my wallet .  Luke and Eric look at me confused.

"We found them come on hurry!" I shout before rushing out . I quickly send a text to one of my works telling them to have one of my jets ready. My driver opens the door for me as soon as he sees me running out of my building .

He doesn't question me once I reach him. I just jumped into the car practically throwing myself in one of the seats. My sons follow after me seating down besides me.

"Are you sure it's actually them father?" Eric asks looking down at his watch. I only shrug before telling the driver to head to the airport. We have a two hour flight before we get to New York.

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