Chapter thirty-four.

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Axel was pulling me by the ear

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Axel was pulling me by the ear. Dragging me towards the dining room. He pushed me onto the seat next to his. I grunted holding onto my freshly red earlobe. What a fucking bitch. That hurt so badly.

"What are you doing?" I asked, looking down at axel movements. He was cuffing my ankles to the wooden chair.  What's more offensive is the fact my ankles fit in the cuffs. Axel stood back up smiling at me. He claps his hands "I'll be right back with your hand cuffs" .

Now that's concerning. I watched as he ran towards his bedroom. Picking up my knife I slowly uncuffed my ankles. Making sure it still looks like it's locked in. I'm not stupid now.

Seconds later three huge men came in holding Alexandra. She was cussing and biting them. I bite back a laugh. They threw her down onto the chair. One of them was holding her still as the other two were tying her legs to the chair.

She was glaring at them completely ignoring my presents.  I'm glad she's here I feel so safe with Alexandra near me. "Drina clam down i'm here too" I expressed reaching over for her hands.

She looks at my diction. Her frown turns into a smile. I laughed at her mood swings. Shaking my head. "What the hell are they doing?" She questioned staring down at her tied up feet. I shrug my shoulders in response.

I'm not even sure this has been a weird kidnapping experience. And I've been kidnapped ten times.  I have a problem with getting myself into bad situations . To be fair two of them was when I was on a mission.

"I think we're having a family dinner" I fluttered looking around the room. Plates were set which matching knives, forks, and even spoons. If we're having dessert I was strawberry cheesecake. Like badly.

"Did you buy strawberry cheesecake for when we get out of here?" I whisper. She nodded her head smiling widely at me. I'm so happy I could jump up and down. If only I could eat it now.

I can't wait to leave and eat it. And play with Aurora I refuse to still be a loser. She won five times playing Rock, Paper ,Scissors. I'm still convinced she cheats whenever we play.

"Does Rafael know we're kidnapped?" I huff playing with the fork. Alexandra shakes her head. "If he did he would have stormed in here with tropes". I nodded my head that's true.

Then he would have scolded us about not being safe. And that were mafia bosses and need to be more careful since thousands of people rely on us. Ah yes, we pay everyone bills. Although Alexandra sends out the checks. I refuse to since it's to much work. Plus I'm only the second commander. So I don't do much .

My eyes shot over towards the sound of the doorbell ringing. Axel walks past us blowing a kiss towards me. Alexandra gags. I cringed into my seat. The sound of laughter and footsteps. I know those voices. Julio comes into view along with all of his sons.

They all stoped staring at us with wide eyes.

"Surprise!" I struggle to clap my hands.Julio raised his eyebrow looking down at my tied ankles and Alexandra tied everything.

"We've been kidnapped" Alexandra adds in showing off her dimples as she smiled. Julio let's out a sigh as he rubbed his temples.

"What's the meaning of my kids being tied up axel?" He asks. Axel walks over to me. I cringed as he bent down kissing the corner on my lips.

"That's fucking nasty" Luke says, looking at his uncle with pure disgust. Alexandra snickers across the table. "Your telling me" I mumble wiping off his kiss as axel looks away.

"I'll explain over dinner sit down brother!" Axel insists pushing Julio towards a chair. I huffed as I watched them all sit down. So what's not clicking? How are they just sitting down. Do they not notice that fact WE HAVE BEEN KIDNAPPED.

"So your not concern? Or even try to fucking untie us!" Alexandra hissed glaring at our 'family'. Who we're happily sitting down. Julio groans standing back up. Axel pushed him back down using his gun. Julio raised his hands up as he slowly sat back down.

"Wow axel what are you doing?" Julio asks looking at the gun that was pressed onto his chest. Axel chuckles licking his crusty lips.

"I want you to sit and eat dinner brother mind your own business" axel replies. By now all of Julio sons were on edge. The room felt so tense and hot. Everyone was at their peek of confusion and anger. Axel skipped over to his chair sitting himself down. He crosses his arms over his chest.

"Let's eat" axel voices as three maids come into the room carrying plates of foods. Alexandra huffs "my hands are tied how am I gonna eat?". I choke on my own laughter. "You don't eat" axel smirks at her . Everyone had a plate placed in front of them besides Alexandra. She shots him a glare.

"So you kidnap me break my favorite knife and have the audacity not to feed me either?" Alexandra whines looking over at everyone plate.  I shake my head, she knows I'll share my food. 

I picked up my fork full of chicken. Leaning over as Alexandra opens her mouth. She smiled at me as she took the food into her mouth. My smile stopped as I saw men walk in with guns. They all walked up behind everyone. Besides axel and myself. Their guns were pressed against everyone heads.

"Axel what the hell going on?"

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