Chapter thirty .

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I struggled against axel held

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I struggled against axel held. Trying not to throw up in my mouth. The words that just left his mouth made me more sick than ever. Alexandra face dropped at his words,  the look in her eyes showed anger and disgust.

"I'm sorry what?" Alexandra laughs shaking her head. Her voice was more dry and scratchy. She sounded like she was a fifty year old woman who has a smoking problem.

I don't know if I'm more scared of Alexandra right now or that my 'uncle' is axel. Yeah I'm gonna have to go with Alexandra. I know that voice. That voice is the awaking of the same girl who killed over thousand people within a hour.

Technically she threw grenades into a party with over five hundred guest. Than she went on a shooting spree and killed another one hundred people. Not to mention she made me go on like thirty missions. Which all those deaths added up.

How did it all fit in a hour? That's something I'll never know to be honest. I was high the whole time. She doesn't need to know that.

"You heard me right my darling niece" axel hums. I could just imagine his disgusting smile flashing his bright yellow teeth. Yeah that mouth touched mine. I'm in a bad need of bleach. And new teeth well I'm at it. Also a new family.  And a new rapist/ uncle.

"Axel if I slice of your ear but it goes through his throat no hard feelings?"  Drina huffed. She took out her knife twirling it in between her index and middle finger.

"Not my right ear that's my flawless side" I insist turning my head to my right side. Proving my point about it being flawless. Alexandra grumbles underneath her breathe. She disagrees since we were little. 

Since we're identical she insists that we both have the same good looking side. Which I disagree I've always have acne on my left side. It bothers me cause it always comes whenever Alexandra on her period.  It's a twin thing I guess.

"I'm telling you it's the left!" She hisses stomping her feet. See. Childish behavior. I could never. I'm way mature and good looking. Yes, I had to throw that in there. What happens if some good looking person is reading my mind? I just know someone can read my mind.

"God I didn't miss your guys snickering" Axel cuts in shaking his head. Ow, he's pressing that gun pretty hardly into my head. It hurts so fucking badly.  Alexandra seemed to notice since she stepped forward. I could tell she was struggling to hold back from killing axel.

"Remember now I die so does your twin" axel reminds her. His eyes were trained onto her shaky hands. She was breathing heavily. It was like she was fighting a demon . And that demon was holding a gun to my head linking his life to my own.

Jokes on him I don't care about my life. I actually wanna know how it feels to be a ghost. As I should, imagine being able to walk through walls.  Literally my dream idea. 

"I'm gonna be calling my dear brother and we're gonna have a nice family dinner it'll be the perfect time to announce Alex and I's wedding" axel claps his hands completely forgetting about me. I stumbled out of his grip.

Rushing over to Alexandra immediately hugging her. She quickly moved me behind her after our quick hug. Yeah she just lost a free Alex hug card. That's on her. They're very valuable since I made them when I was eight.

Axel stomps his feet hardly onto the ground . As soon as he realized I was out of his hold. Almost shooting himself in the process. I laughed loudly. Alexandra elbows me in the ribs shooting me a glare.  She's on edge.

Why is she flustered when I was the one kidnapped. Well she did loose me and she knows how I am when she's not near me. My stress levels fly through the roof. I guess since it's a trauma response.

"Thomas send them down!" Axel hisses. Thomas comes up from behind axel. He mouths a 'sorry' before throwing Alexandra and I over his shoulders. It happened so fast we couldn't even react. Where the fuck did this man come from and why the fuck is he so strong.

I rolled my eyes as i notice my view. Thomas low key thick- My thoughts were cut off as he threw us down the stairs. I hit my head hard.

Sitting back up I press my hand against my forehead. Bringing it back down blood covered my skin fully. I could feel my own blood dripping down onto my shirt.

"Shit that man was huge!" Alexandra sighs scrambling over towards me. Without a second she wrapped her arms around me. I hide my face into her neck taking in her scent.  My eyes started to slowly close. Alexandra laughed as she helped me lay down.

Laying my head on top of her lap as she ran her fingers through my hair . Softly singing. There she is. My twin. Not the killer inside her, but my sister who believed in unicorns.

"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when the skies are grey, so please don't take away my sunshine" . I smiled softly listening to her voice as she sang softly.

I allowed the darkness to take me over. I knew I was safe and sound. Alexandra was here. My safe place.

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