Chapter twenty-eight.

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Tw! Pedophilia, mention of rape along with bloodlust scenes.

"Alex stop struggling and just accept your fate! Your getting married to me" axel hisses pulling on my ear

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"Alex stop struggling and just accept your fate! Your getting married to me" axel hisses pulling on my ear. I bite down on my tongue fighting back the tears. His touch makes me wanna cry. Over and over again, all I could do is accept it.

"Axel Lets be reasonable he's a child! Only fifteen he's hardly husband material" Thomas tried to reasons with axel. Axel shook his head gritting his teeth together. His hands balled up into fists as he narrowed his eyes. I would have laughed at how red his face if I wasn't being held hostage and being forced to marry my childhood rapist. I guess Alexandra was wrong I'm marrying before her. Funny.

Alexandra has only managed to contact me once, she responded back with five taps. My memory has been all hazy due to my tears. I've been crying whenever I've gotten the relief of being alone. Which was very rare since axel has some attachment issues he needs to work on.

Speaking of that I haven't slept in over thirty eight hours since Alexandra isn't near me. I feel so dirty and tired from this all. Especially since he's been forcing me to lay besides him.

"Thomas shut up! I've planned this day since he was five when I first met him" axel shirked throwing a glass vase at Thomas. Thomas quickly moved out the way right as the vase hit the wall shattering everywhere. Would have hit him if he didn't move.

My eyes widen as axel grabbed his gun pointing it at Thomas. No I need him to be alive. I quickly grabbed axel hand pushing the gun away. Mentally cringing at the feeling of his skin against my own. Axel raised his eyebrow almost smiling at me.

"What babe?" Axel smiles showing off his yellow teeth as he was looking down at my hand on top of his. Jesus I wanna kill myself. I forced a smile, as I rubbed his arm softly. Fake it into I make it out of here. And if I don't than I'm definitely haunting Alexandra ass. Not the guardian angel type of haunting either.

"Don't kill him axel he doesn't mean anything he's just tired" I defend Thomas. Axel nodded his head as his eyes flickered between my own and Thomas. Thomas stood uncomfortably as he watched our interaction. I just wanted to cry at the fact i'm touching him. Thomas nodded his head.

"The child right I'm tired I've been up all day"Thomas fake yawns . Axel smirks "that child of yours keeps you up huh?". I'm pretty sure I just threw up in my mouth.  Thomas looked like he wanted to punch Axel in the face. Hell I do too.

"She's two axel two" Thomas hissed slamming the door after him. Axel shrugged his shoulders. "I wish I met you at two, and killed that twin of yours she's always pissed me off" .

God I wanna kill him. He took everything from me. My gun, mini gun, middle gun. Hell even my sock gun. Talk about stingy he could have let me keep my sock gun. Alexandra would laugh if she knew he took my sock gun, both.

And I can't even strangle him, he's using Alexandra life against his own. He dies she dies. We both know she's on her way and when she's mad she kills. Axel remembers her temper and how she acts when she's mad. He's not very happy with her ever since she stabbed him when he took her cookie. She was five and had just gotten off milk. What can I say we hard some personal issues about milk. Now we have the thought of cow milk.

She prefers almond milk and I prefer soy milk. Dear god I'm thinking about milk as I'm being held hostage by a fucking pedophile. Who's hell bent on marriage since I'm 'young'.

"Alex come on honey dinner ready" axel snaps me out of my thoughts sadly. I forced a smile as I walked out of the room following after him.

I wish I could kill him and everyone. Axel has eyes on Alexandra, she knows it too. Just cause she knows doesn't mean I'm comfortable taking the chances of her dying. Her being alive is enough for me to put up with axel touches.

I shifted my weight onto my other foot awkwardly standing next to axel as we waiting for the elevator to open. Axel leaned down smashing his lips onto mine without warning.

I choked on a sob. Axel pulls away mad dogging me. I cringe as he pulls out his phone showing me a video of Alexandra walking out of a store. 

"Kiss me back or I swear alex I'm telling the hit man to kill her right now!" Axel growls.  Damn she kinda looks ugly today. Tragic .

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