Chapter twenty-four.

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I walked towards the classroom door

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I walked towards the classroom door. It was period three or four to be honest lost track. All I knew was it was history class. My mind and body was extremely weak and tired.

Alexandra has been whining in my ear about going on another mission. Thankfully that guy swiped her away. I'm pretty sure I would have put a bullet through her head if she kept nagging at me.  I would obviously leave her sunflowers at her grave. She hates sunflowers.

I'm playing, kinda of I'm sure she'll just haunt me. I can live with that. No, I couldn't I would end up killing myself just so I don't have to deal with her ghost ass. It would be cool to be a ghost anyways.

I slumped myself down into a random seat in the back of the boring classroom. Popping in my AirPods I toned out all the voices of whiny teenagers. I can't deal with annoying voices. Well besides Alexandra, she's the only expectation. To be fair I've always had to deal with her whining. We shared a belly.

"Your in my seat" a boy waves his hands in my face. He was saying something. I couldn't be bothered to try and read his lips either. Anything he's saying sounds like a him problem. Definitely a him probably, I turned up my music closing my eyes at the sound of the loud music. Nicki Minaj.

I felt the vibration of the chair next to me being pulled out of the desk. Why do people sit near me when fucking thousands of chairs are available else where. Shit. I hate it here.

"Well I'm gonna annoy you since you wanted to sit in my seat" the male voice snaps me back into reality. I glared at him as he held my AirPod up in the air with the prettiest smile.

"You have stunning eyes" he compliments me. My checks felt like they were heating up.  Am I getting sick? God that's embarrassing. How am I getting sick? I haven't been sick since I was two years old.

"Thank you" I huffed out crossing my arms over my chest. I sat up straightly as he handed me my AirPod back. Now I have to buy new ones. He touched them. I don't know where his hands have been.

"I'm Antonio" he introduces himself . I nodded my head, "I'm Alexander" I replied back. He smiled at me once again this time just more brighter. I like his smile.

Antonio had brown eyes, black hair and two dimples whenever he smiled. He was skinny but had some muscles. A great style. Overall just amazing looks. His hair looks so soft and fluffy.

"You good?"Antonio asks folding his hands together. I looked away, avoiding eye contact. I was staring at him. How embarrassing.

"Yeah just zoned out" I lied popping back my AirPod back in. I watched as Antonio looked away turning his back around talking to another guy. I just have the sudden urge to kill the guy he's talking to. Why? I don't know.

I pressed my hand against my pocket feeling my hand gun. Never go anywhere without one of my guns. Just like Alexandra doesn't go anywhere without her damn knives. She's always trying to hit me with it.  I'm always on my toes knowing she's out to get me.

To be fair I try to shot her, the difference is I miss on purpose. I'm sure she missing on purpose too. We have to keep each other ready for anything. Especially since we're mafia bosses. And the worlds biggest assassins.

I guess we are pretty cool. Nah, I'm better than her so I'm the coolest. Definitely. I'm happy she can't read my mind or else I'm sure she would actually kill me. 

The door swung up causing the room to go silent. Alexandra walked in with a pissed expression. She had her knife in her hand twirling it around between her middle and index finger.  The teacher tried to stop her but she pushed her out the way. That was the worst mistake.

"Alex I swear to god I'm gonna kill you" Alexandra hisses as she came charging at me. I got off my seat dusting my pants off . Alexandra throws her knife at me. I moved away rolling my eyes as it landing right through the wall poking out. She would have gotten me if I didn't move.

"Who pissed you off?" I scoff. She walked right up to me standing on her tippy toes. I laughed looking down at her. She still didn't reach me. Short bitch.

"Your the only one who had that picture of me! And now it's all over the group chat!" She whines punching me hardly. I bite down on my lip drawling blood. Oh I wanna punch her back. Her fucking hits hurt so badly.

"Stop hitting me" I mumbled grabbing ahold of her arm. "You fucking dumbass you sent it!" I groan out. My abs hurt so much I'm gonna kill her.

"No I didn't it says you sent it!" She replies back pulling out her phone. Her face drops as she read the messages. She looks back up at me with the reddest face I've ever seen.

"Well you see, since our names are spelled alike I miss read it sometimes" Alexandra says slowly putting her phone back into her pocket.

"I'm gonna kill you" I hissed out. Alexandra took the hint and ran out of the room screaming ' sorry' over and over as she ran. I counted to ten before I took off running after her.

A/n: Hi guys it's been awhile since I posted. I started school. Oh yeah also made the volleyball team. So I've been busy with practice and games. Not to mention I'm taking two collage classes. Im in eighth grade. Technically suppose to be in ninth but oh well. Anyways I'll be posting three times a week:) hopefully.

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