Chapter thirty five.

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I chewed down on the chicken, surprisingly it was actually really delicious

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I chewed down on the chicken, surprisingly it was actually really delicious. The only thing that ruined it was the gun pressed against my head. Everyone was screaming at axel besides Alex and I. We were just eating the dinner.

I knew something was gonna happen. I'm just glad Alex doesn't have a gun towards his head or I would be flipping out. Alexander on the other hand is sharpening his knife underneath the table. The look on his eyes says it's for axel.

He's more of a calm angry which is really scary. Especially when he's really quiet and just stares at you. His silence is literally him just planning your death in his head. Alex is never quiet. Unless he's mad. Which is safe to say he's really mad or just annoyed.

"Axel what is the meaning of this?" Julio yells. Axel smirks. The look on his face was pure evil. "I need you all to be dead in order to have my dream wedding with Alex" axel says taking a sip of his red whine. Alex spits out his food. I groan as some of it landed in front of me. Disgusting.

"He's not marrying you, you fucking werido" I expressed flicking Alex throw up towards axel. Axel throws his fork down onto the table. His face was bright red. I could of sworn I saw smoke coming from his ears. Like swear on my life he did have smoke.

"Yes he is! God your the first to die after this last family dinner" axel yells. His hands were balled into fists. "Why can't I just have one last goodbye dinner peacefully?". My jaw drops at his comment.

"You do realize you have a gun to our heads and want to marry your nephew who's my brother!" Brain screams, spitting his food as he talked. He had been angrily eating his chicken and rice. "Now you talk" I huff rolling my eyes.

"I stress eat! I can't help it this is very stressful on me okay?" Brian defeats himself. Luke snickers next to me. Brian crosses his arms huffing as he sat back down into his seat.

"We all need to calm down here. Uncle why are you doing this?" Eric tries to reason with axel. Axel narrowed his eyes at Eric as he took a bite of his food.

"Alex is my soulmate and your guys would just be in the way" axel said before he took another bite of his food. I hope he choked on it. Literally just choke. Man if only I could call my personal witch. To bad she isn't here. She could do some cures on him or something. That's what she does for me.

"He's a child brother and my son you can't be serious" Julio fusses rubbing his head. The look on his face was confusion mix with anger.

"We all could have been happily on our way if you idiots unties us" I point out, glaring at everyone. Alex raised his eyebrow. I shook my head dismissing him. "Not you dumbass your tied up too". Alex rolls his eyes. "I'm aware but you still glared at me!". I shrug my shoulders in response. Nothing personal. Just angry that I'm related to a much of stupid dumbasses.

"We didn't think much of it!" Brian declares. I struggle to throw my hands up due to it being tied. "So you thought this was a normal fucking Wednesday!". Brian slumps into his chair nodding his head. "Maybe it was a kink I don't judge!" . My jaw drops. "Why would we show our kinks outside of the bedroom! And I have a knife kink not a tied up kink" I hiss.

All the boys make disgusted faces letting our groans. I rolled my eyes at their childish behavior. Alexander acting as if he doesn't have a gun kink. The only reason why I know is cause I walked in on him. Yeah I was terrified.

"I always knew something was up since you know how to hide those knives in your clothes" Alex mutters shaking his head, looking down.

"Oh don't act all high and mighty mister gun kink let's not forget that one accident" I remarked smirking. Alex face drops. Axel looks at both of us. His face was turning red again.

"What accident?"axel whines slamming his fists onto the table. "He was having sex and pushed his gun into the girl mouth and accidentally pressed the trigger you can guess what happened next" I replied, struggling to take a slip of my wine.

Alex groans covering his face with his hands. Julio, luke, and Eric clear their throats. Brian and Chris were fighting back their laughs.

"You had sex with girls?" Axel screams, spitting tiny pieces of food. "Of course i did" Alex says. Axel pulls out his gun pointing it straight at me. The look in his eyes was pure anger.

"What are you doing axel put the gun down!" Alex screams reaching for axel arm. Axel shakes his head. "No this is your punishment".

Axel pressed down on the trigger. I felt like time had slowed down. All I could focus on was the bullet flying towards me.

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