Chapter fifteen.

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"Fucking hell" I mutter peeking from behind the brick wall

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"Fucking hell" I mutter peeking from behind the brick wall. Alex was on the other side putting in his ear piece waiting on my signal to attack.  There are four males with loaded guns it would be stupid to just go in without knowing where each one standing. 

"ready?" Alex voice booms through my ears making cringe. Damn him why does his voice have to be so deep. I press down on my ear piece "do you have a visual on where they're standing if not stand down" .

"Yes two on the left side of one in the middle and the fourth one behind him" alex answers almost immediately. I sigh strapping my leather gloves on. Looking back behind the wall my eyes were locked with alex, I move my middle finger and index together waving it to the left side giving alex my Signal.

Taking a deep breathe I run to the other side hiding behind the boxes laid around the room. Shrives run down my spine as the sound of a gun locking bounces off the walls. They know we're here fuck.

" sabemos que estás aquí " one of the males voice verify my thought. His voice was loud and powerful telling me he's our target the gang leader. (We know you're here) .

I kneel down grabbing my knife from my boot, picking up the sharp blade I throw it. It lands on the wall behind the men.

"vamos a jugar a las escondidas, ¿sí?" I spoke out loudly before running to the opposite side of where I was. I only moved since they knew where I was from where my voice came .  (Let's play hide and seek yes?). 

"So you speak Spanish" Mario our target questions loudly. I had a clear shot of them so did alex. They where looking around the room trying to find us. 

"You didn't answer her question" alex yells out. What is he doing? Alex doesn't talk in our missions he's always quiet.

"What to play hide and seek? What are you two five?" Mario chuckles. His eyes were red he's intoxicated his hands keep shaking. That gives us a upper hand but his bodyguards are taller and more muscle.

"How about you two come out and talk to me face to face like adults" Mario insisted.  My eyes were just on alex as he looking through the tiny mirror on his snipper . His fingers goes on the trigger pulling it. The bullet flies through the air hitting the man behind Mario right between the eyes.

"We don't want to talk we want the files" alex states. Mario growls as his men run to his side circling him. I stand up pulling out my knives it's my turn. My eyes lock with Mario's brown ones. His eyes narrow looking at my hand which held a sharp blade.

I toss the knife insuring it goes where I want it. Just like I pictured it flies through the air landing straight in the man neck who was standing in front of Mario. The man grabs his throat as his eyes go wide. Blood kept oozing out making his hands turn red.

"Stop it!" Mario snaps stomping him feet. Ah it's true what people say Mario is the toddler gangster. He acts like a two year old when he doesn't get his way.

"Give it over Mario" I commanded walking over to him. From the corner of my eye I see alex sneaking behind the guy on the right of Mario.

"Shoot her!" He hissed nudging one of his men. By the time the man went to reach his gun alex already snatched it . I give Mario a smirk looking at his waist band. Both him and his bitch shot me a glare before looking for their guns.

Alex was leaning against the wall looking at them lighting a cigarette. He was waiting for them to notice him. Mario finally turns around stumbling back once he saw alex.

"How the Mierda?" Mario stutters regaining his balance. Fucking alex blows the smoke into Mario face chuckling at how flustered Mario got. (Fuck) .

"Just fight them!" Mario whines pushing his last bodyguard towards alex. Alex looks the body guard up and down before throwing his dead cigarette on the floor. He stomps on it harshly making the man gulp.

"Let's fight chico" alex chuckles getting into a fighting position. The guard shakes his head putting his heads up in the air surrounding . (Boy) .

"Solo tengo veinte años. No quiero morir. Solo necesito dinero. ¡Tengo una familia!" The man blurts out rambling. (I'm just twenty man I don't want to die. I just need money I have a family!).

Looks like alex got his wish he didn't want to fight anyone. He wanted to kill. I on the other do want to fight. Slowly making my way towards Mario I grab him pushing him on the floor. He falls down hitting his head hard. Just one punch. One punch.

Moving my hand into a fist I punch him. Mario let's out a groan. I smile as blood falls from his nose. He's in pain.

"Alex grab the files and call Rafael we're going to find those girls and save them" I promise to myself out loud. We will save those girls from sex trafficking this man put together. Those files hold the location of where they are being shipped off tomorrow. That's why I made alex come with me tonight.

Tomorrow we have meetings with the mafias who are against sex trafficking to help us.  Alex and I promised ourselves we would stop as much as we can from those little kids from being raped. 

"Mario Garcia death is knocking at your door and I'm opening it" was the last thing I said to him before slicing his throat. This man wasn't a rapist but he was just as bad as one. He sold little girls to rapists. May his soul go to hell waiting for my own to come and be his own devil. 

A/n this chapter kept getting re-written over and over. For the life of me I couldn't find the right words for a fight scene but I promise there will be fight scenes better than this just need to fight words to describe their movements without confusing people. Also I'm rewatching criminal minds and let me just say Reid and Lila deserve more time cause the way I still ship them 🙃.

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