Chapter thirty two.

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My eyes fluttered open

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My eyes fluttered open . I sat up rubbing my eyes. Letting out a yawn, as I  stretch my arms. That was a good nap. Almost made me forget I've been Alex napped. Turning my head around it hits me Alexandra isn't here.

I quickly stood up looking around everywhere. My heart calms down as I see her and Thomas? Tears were falling down her eyes leaving a trace on her cheek. Anger washed over me as I stormed over to them. Grabbing Thomas by the throat I pushed him against the wall. Holding him up.

"WHAT DID YOU DO?" I hissed tightening my hold onto his neck. Alexandra pulls onto my shoulder trying to rip my grip off him. I shrugged her off narrowing my eyes at her.

"He made you cry, I'm gonna kill him" shared my well thought out plan. The sound of Thomas gagging made me more mad. He should have died already due to the lack of air.

"He didn't make me cry you big dummy!" Alexandra says hitting my arm. I dropped Thomas allowing him to fall hardly onto the ground. He sat up holding his throat as he was gasping for air. I rolled my eyes. What a big baby.

"Than who made you cry?" I ask pulling her into a hug. Alexandra laughs into my chest shaking her head. I pulled away looking down at her still holding onto her shoulders.

"No one did well my thoughts technically did" Alexandra chuckles. I shake my head raising my eyebrow at her. My eyes followed her as she walked towards Thomas helping him.

"Thomas is our uncle" Alexandra informs me as she helped him stand up. My jaw drops. Dang I'm just finding all my long lost uncles. Wonder if I have any little cousins. To obviously spoil the heck out of. Wait doesn't Thomas have a little girl? Aw! I have a baby cousin.

Yes, I love babies and kids. It's nice to see them with their playful smiles and happy faces. Since I didn't get a childhood I like seeing kids living theirs. It's kinda like they're living it for me.

Pathetic, I know. It hurts a little but I mean there's nothing I can do. I'm still not living a life even though I am alive. It's weird I know.

"Why do we have so many uncles?" I muttered tapping my chin. Alexandra shakes her head. Thomas clears his throat huffing. I rolled my eyes. I'm not saying sorry. I thought he hurt my sister or course I was gonna kill him.

"So what side are you from? Gene donor or birth giver?" I mused. God I wanted to laugh for no reason. It's just so awkward since I almost choked him to death. Honestly his fault.

"I'm your mother twin well technically we are triplets but one of us died during birth" Thomas replies. The sound of loud footsteps stops me from making my remark. Alexandra and I look at each than back at the door. She quickly digs into her bra pulling out a knife.

I cringe as she throws it at me. Catching the knife I dust it off with the bottom of my shirt. She grumbled next to me rolling her eyes at my actions. Thomas hide behind a wall putting his finger to his mouth shushing us.

"Ah great you guys are awake! It's time for dinner Alex honey come up" axel voice yells through out the basement. His voice caused chills to run down my spine.

"Don't make me kill Alexandra" axel threatens. I lay a kiss on Alexandra cheek before walking towards the stairs. She looks at me shaking her head, mouthing for me to come back.

"I'll be back I promise" I whisper. Alexandra had tears forming in her eyes. My heart broke as I walked up the stairs. Don't look back Alex. She's fine she has Thomas there plus she's a badass woman. Alexandra can handle herself.

"Ah, there you are" axel cheers pulling me into a hug. I stood still fighting back the urge to stab him in the gut. Axel pulls away grabbing onto my hand. He drags me all the way to his room.

I stumble back as he pushed me down onto the bed. Catching me off guard. Falling down onto the bed, I quickly sat up putting my hands on top of my lap. Please don't touch me again.

Relief washed over me as axel walked towards his closet completely leaving me. I could run and get Alexandra but I don't know where he has his men waiting on his call to kill her.

Fucking sick bastard is black mailing me with the death of my sister. And I'm positive she's using me against her. Which is stupid cause he's crazy in love with me. But she's not gonna chance me dying. It's not like I care to live anyway.

"Put this on in the bathroom" axel said handing me a suit. I looked down at the size. It was exactly my size. Axel is bigger than me so no way he would just have this. Oh my god he's been stalking me. Well I knew that but I mean stalking stalking.

How the hell did he get past my fucking security. When I get home they're fired. Every single one of those fuckers.  I knew I shouldn't have had Rafael hire the security. He sucks at choosing the right people. Well uncle their a fuck buddy than he's fucking Einstein.

"Alex hurry" axel voice snaps me out of my thoughts. I quickly stood up walking towards the bathroom. Closing the door making sure to lock it. I quickly changed into the suit not caring how I look. As long as I'm fast axel doesn't have time to assault me. I'm good.

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