Chapter twenty- three

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I pressed my lips into a thin line as Brian and Chris kept going on about how nice the school is

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I pressed my lips into a thin line as Brian and Chris kept going on about how nice the school is. I'm pretty sure they've forgotten we have already been there. It's quite annoying on how much they talk. I just wanna slap them silly.

"God please shut up" Alexandra growls throwing her hands up in defeat. I nod my head agreeing with my twin in hopes they take the message to shut up before I kill them. My fingers have aching for the touch of a snipper trigger. The coldness it brought to me. Ugh I miss it already.

"I'm sorry! It's just I'm so happy you guys are gonna be in my classes" Brian gushes as he clapped his hands together. I bite back my complains by simply turning my head sideways towards the widow taking in the beautiful view.

Alexandra placed her hand on my knee giving it a small squeeze. I placed my hand over hers giving her a small smile flashing my white teeth. Biggest flex is that my teeth are white. Alexandra can't relate dirty bitch. She smells funny, her damn body wash annoys me. The scent is apples and cinnamon like what?

Who wants to spell like that. A crackhead does which explains why Alexandra does. She did crack awhile back from the lost of her best friend. We both fell in a dark place, it wasn't good.  Luckily we managed not to kill ourselves just yet.

"Come on" Alexander shoved my shoulder knocking away my thoughts. I slap her hand before sliding out of my seat. She narrowed her eyes at me as I helped her out .

"Guys come on stop being slow!" Brian shouts waving us down. Everyone's eyes were on us cause of fucking Brian ass who's jumping up and down screaming for us to come. I'm legally gonna kill him than myself. 

"This is so embarrassing" Drina whines as we walked towards Brian. I laugh noticing the redness to her cheeks. She elbows me in the ribs making my laughs into groans.

"Fuck woman stop doing that!" I huff holding onto my stomach that's now aching . She gives me a smirk before walking ahead of me. I roll my eyes as I ran to them still holding onto my stomach. God I need aspirins and some whiskey. Okay maybe also weed but more of a craving than anything. Yes, I have a smoking problem so what?

"Okay so first we have math which is mrs. Anna she's a bit of a bitch" Brian informed us. His whole face was lit up with excitement shinning in his eyes. It makes me wanna throw up.

"Than why are we going to her class if she's a bitch?" Alexandra questions tilting her head. I also titled my head eyeing Brian.

"Woah you guys are creepy with that twin thing" Brian says shaking his head "we go cause math is important for our futures".

"Yes but it's not that important when you're future isn't like these people" I remind him looking around us. All these kids here won't all make it some will others won't. We have already had our future planned out since we're born? Why does he want to change something that simply can't be changed.

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