Chapter twenty-nine.

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I walked out of the store holding a bag of candies

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I walked out of the store holding a bag of candies. Knowing alex the first thing he's gonna ask me if I have any food. So before I go and kill everyone and their mama I bought him some sweeties. Chocolate, skittles, and brownies. The brownies are for me of course. Oh can't forget the fact I brought him cheesecake. He loves strawberry cheesecake to be exact.

Walking across the street as cars I honked at me I made sure to flip them off. Rude people these days, if only I had Alex gun. Would have shot them. Speaking of that I need to buy a gun or two. Cause why not? Guns and knives not to mention the couple of grenades I have in the trunk. I like blowing things up what can I say.

Unlocking the car I place the bag down in the back seat. I felt chills run down my spine. Closing the backseat door I looked around. Everything seemed normal but it didn't feel normal. I quickly got into the front seat locking the doors calmly. Shit, Alex has to have a hidden gun here somewhere.

I really need to start buying my own guns. It's just the fact I like being up and close as the souls drain from whoever I'm killing . Starting up the car I speed off. Just like I usually do. If I didn't I would have looked suspicious. I'm known for my short temper.

I pressed hard on the breaks. My head hits the stirring wheel before bouncing back up. Shit that hurts. I groan as I kicked open the car door, jumping out of my seat. Looking around noticing the street empty. Shit, I ran my fingers over my head . Bringing my hand back down I saw blood, brown blood. That isn't normal at all .

I couldn't even process getting back into my car to safely before my vision went black.

My eyes shot open as I struggled to breathe

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My eyes shot open as I struggled to breathe. My throat felt tighten up. I was struggling to move, my body felt paralyzed. Shit what the Fuck happened.

Damn Alex and his cheesecake. If I would have just gotten the candy and left earlier I would be able to breathe.  My breathing started to go back to normal allowing my eyes to open. I almost laughed. The weight of my knives pressing against my skin gave me comfort.

These idiots forgot to search me. Disappointed washed over my face. My smile dropped, how dumb I got Drina napped from some local dumbasses. What does that say about me?

"Hello! Dumbasses!" I scream loudly. Slumping back down trying to get comfortable. For fuck sakes I'm wearing a red tight mini dress. Not to mention these stunning red bottom hills. They were a little over four hundred. At least my eyelashes are still on.

I knew I should have put eyelash glue bottle in my bra. Especially since this glue on my eyelids only last fourteen hours. My settings spry last twenty-four hours. That's a positive. A really good one at that since my makeup is flawless.

I was really proud of my makeup, especially since I did it faster than I could count to ten. Okay that's dramatic but I was really fast.

I usually take two hours doing my makeup but today I took thirty minutes. Hell might as well change my name from Alexandra to flash. Flash is a very cool name. Hell what am I thinking? I got fucking kidnapped and Alex is waiting on me.

Struggling against the ties on my arms, I managed to free my right arm. Reaching to my side I pulled out the knife in my heel.  Cutting myself free I stood up dusting myself off.

I stumbled into the darkness almost forgetting my eyes haven't adjusted to the dark. My head was pounding as I ran into the door. Great my foundation is most likely dirty and disgusting now. Hopefully they kidnapped me near my car so I can redo my makeup. If I even have time.

My brother life is tricking. His dumbass would probably walk into the darkness instead of the light. He refused to go to bible camp with me for a mission. So I ended up killing the pastor by myself. I did learn so holy stuff though.

Twisting the doorknob slowly opening it. The idiots even left the door unlock. This is to easy. Something isn't right. No kidnapper this dumb.

I walked out of the door .Damn I'm the dumbass. I was met with Alex and some guy. Alex had a gun to his head in a headlock. His eyes were widen, fear swimming through his grey orbs. My jaw clenched. This wasn't no dumbass.

It was axel. Alex eyes told me immediately who it was. My brother doesn't have fear unless it's coming from a center someone. And that someone so happened to be in my kill shot.

"Ah, dear Alexandra you were taking to long so I thought to bring you here. It would have nice to have your head hanging over Alex and I as we say our i dos" axel mocks. My stomach twist up at his words.

"I'm gonna kill you" I spat out angrily. I'm the world best Assassin. The mob boss of the Spanish mafia. How did this idiot get me and my brother ?

"I've been watching you two for years, I lost you guys for a second but luckily my brother found his long lost twins" axel laughs throwing his head back.

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