Chapter thirty one.

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I was on edge waiting for axel or one of his men to walk in

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I was on edge waiting for axel or one of his men to walk in. My knife was out looking sharper than ever. The only thing I could hear was Alex soft snores. It kept me on my toes, since I can't hear if anyone is walking towards the door.

My gut is telling me something gonna happen. I pressed a kiss onto Alex forehead, hesitating to pull away. It's my twin instincts going off.

Everything was confusing. My heart was hurting . Along with my head which was surprising since Alex was the one who hit his head. I fell on my ass and not to brag but I have a fat ass just saying.

The door slams open disrupting my thoughts. I quickly stood up making sure Alex head didn't hit the ground hard. Thomas came into view as the lights flickered on. He had a gun very visible in his hands. His eyebrow was raised as he looked at the knife in my hand.

Should have brought a sword but I wasn't thinking. I stood up straightly eyeing Thomas moves. He also watched mine. We were slowly walking in front of each other pointing our weapons at each other. The urge to throw this knife straight into his throat was overwhelming

"Don't even think about it" I hissed, my voice was dripping with anger. I could feel my body heat up with all the hatred I have for axel. If this man works with Axel he's just as bad.

"Little girl you have a knife I have a gun be wise here" Thomas points out. I let out a dry chuckle. "You'll have to kill me to weaken me, I can take a few gun shot wounds especially when I'm pissed off" . Thomas smirked at me.

His face made me more mad. He had a gun pointed straight at me. This man works for my brother rapist and kidnapper. And here he is staring at me with a fucking smirk.

"Kill you? I'm not here to kill you for fuck sakes . I'm here to protect you and that smart mouth twin of yours!" Thomas argued dropping his gun. I stepped back looking down at his gun laying on the floor.

"We don't need protection, especially from strangers" I rasped out slipping my knife back into my heel. Thomas rolls his eyes laughing.

"Your just like your mother so stubborn" he mutters. His voice cracks just a little. I huffed crossing my arms. "I wouldn't know her since she left me at a sex trafficking place" .

Thomas face dropped. The look on his face was disappointment. He looked over at alex before looking back at me. Why was he sad all of a sudden? Wait a minute how does he know my mother?

"She didn't leave you guys willing, she loved her kids with everything" Thomas grieved. I raised my eyebrow at him. "How would you know?" I voiced out. God I'm tired of standing.

"She was my twin" Thomas choked out turning away from me. I froze. Twin? My birth giver was also a twin? Thomas was my uncle? Damn I'm just finding all my lost long uncles today aren't I.

"I'm only here working with axel cause I know he murdered your mother. Call it twin instincts but I know my sister she would never kill her self or give up her babies she was trying so hard for" Thomas declares.

"What are you implying ?" I faltered. Thomas cleared his throat frowning. "Trust me I wanna kill axel just as much as you guys do hell I might want it even more, he killed my other half. The person I came into this world with" .

"Than why are you his little bitch?" I taunt pointing my finger into his chest. He sighed rolling his eyes at my remark. "It takes time for the right timing to kill him, I want him to suffer" Thomas shared his plans.

"I'll make a deal with you" I accounted. Thomas nodded his head waiting for me to continue. "I'll help you kill axel but I need you to do something for me in return" I took a deep breath in before continuing.

"I might not come out of this alive something telling me in my gut. So if I don't take care of alex don't let him fall into depression". Tears were falling down my face.

Thomas took my hands into his nodding his head. "Honey I would die before you do or Alex, I promised your mom and myself I'll protect her kids especially you two". I smiled softly at him. The thing is. He wouldn't get a chance to die for Alex. I would die, Alex is my twin. My other half.

"The thing is Thomas he's my twin, if I die I'm dying for him not anyone else"

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