Chapter nineteen.

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My eyes made its way over to my sister

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My eyes made its way over to my sister . Her long wavy black hair was blowing in the air. The grey dress on her body was now cut short . Her body was in a fighting pose, her chest raised up and down copying her opponents breathing . She was trying to distract them to lower there guard . We are currently in round one of gala. Fighting us first than Russian roulette. Lastly, we would set free our beautiful predators.

"alex suficiente! SUFICIENTE está muerto, ganaste" Rafael voice snaps me back into reality. His arms pulled me off a man body I don't remember going on. The body was limped and bloody. My eyes snap to Alexandra piercing grey ones. It held concern. Fuck. (alex enough! ENOUGH you won.)

"Shit shit" I cuss under my breathe looking over the crowd. Everyone was looking at me with such respect. These people are fucking crazy they appreciate murderers just like their selves.

"Anyone up next or shall we go to round number two?" Alexandra chimes in taking the attention off me. She stood tall with multiple men and women blood all over her. The red lipstick that was once neatly placed on her lips was smeared. Slashes off blood was on her face highlighting her grey eyes. If she looked that bad dear god I must look worse.

"How do I look?" I question in a hushed voice wiping my lip. Blood fell from my lip letting me know I have a busted lip.

"You have a cut above your forehead and blood everywhere alex you killed all of them" Rafael replies handing me a tissue. I shake my head telling him I don't need it.

"Hand me my jacket" I mumble fixing the cuff my shirt. My poor grey shirt was ruined with fucking blood.

"Here come on Alexandra putting in the bullet now" Rafael states handing me my grey suit. I nod my head putting on the damn thing.

I walk along side Rafael making sure to at least walk one step in front. Even though I see Rafael as a equal they don't and I don't need their fucking shit bringing down my name.

The Russian roulette is a tradition every gala must have. The Russians started the first mafia and it was the first ever tradition they had. So it's a tradition for every gala ever made. It's a sign for respect. We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for those fucking leprechaun red head bitches. No offense Mikhail.

"Ah Mikhail Russians first" Alexandra says holding up the gun. My god Mikhail is actually a red head fucking leprechaun with green fucking eyes how cliche.

"Want to kill me off so early?" He jokes standing right in front of the grey pistol. Alexandra rolls her eyes pulling the trigger. Mikhail doesn't flinch as the sound of the gun going off.

"American you're up next" I announce taking the gun out of Alexandra hand. Heidi hesitation before stepping forward. I look her straight in the eyes as I pulled the trigger.

She flinched back falling down on the floor. everyone broke into laughter looking down at the future American mob boss.

"Fucking pathetic" I snort out shaking my head. Rafael lets out a small chuckle behind me .  Oh my god I fucking snorted. 

"Italian your up" Alexandra says side glancing at me. She fucking knows I snorted how fucking embarrassing . I harshly throw her the gun as she gave me a small smirk. God I should have ate her while I had the chance.

"Alexandra" Julio calls out stepping in front of her.  She turns her head back around facing Julio. Her eyes locked with his brown ones. He stood up more straight fixing his tie.

"Let's hope you don't die dad" Alexandra mocks whispering the last word as she held the gun to his head. She pressed down on the trigger. It was like the world stopped as the sound of a gun going off rings through my ears. 

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