Chapter one.

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I lay my head down on Alexandera lap slowly closing my eyes to the sound of her voice

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I lay my head down on Alexandera lap slowly closing my eyes to the sound of her voice. 

"Alex I know you're tired just stay awake okay?" She whispers as she ran her fingers through my hair. I nod my head in response to give her peace of mind. We were currently sitting in the fucking principal office waiting for our enrollment papers. 

"Miss and mister Lopez could you please come here?" A male voice booms through the office. I groan before sitting up. Alexandera stands up with her usual emotionless face identical to my own.  It was a rule for us to show no emotions in fact we hated showing anything other than anger. 

I quickly stand besides her grabbing onto her hand. Our fingers in-locked making our grasp tighten on each other. We both walk in sync scowling at anything and everyone. 

The old man clears his throat before point to two seats in front of his dirty desk. 

"I would like to ask a few questions if that's okay with you?" The bald headed man asks. His face gave him away all of his secrets. Especially the important one he was scared of us.

"While go one we don't have all day do we?" Alexandera snaps causing the principal to gulp. I only squeeze Alexandera hand trying to calm her down. She doesn't like questions in fact she hates them. I can't blame her questions will only lead to our lies we tell. What the government knows is that we are in foster care.

We both decided that would be the best way to be our cover. No parents part is true but not having a home is a complete lie. We own several huge companies and mansions.  My twin and I are no where near broke in fact we are one of the youngest billionaires alive. Just no one ever seen our faces.

"We had to do some background checks and found your real family so we called them" he muttered out. 

"What the fucking family did you call?" I spat out. The man steps back almost hitting his own door. He holds up his heads looking at Alexandera who has a gun pointed at him.  If he called someone that could blow our cover. 

"Y-your father Mr. Bardi" he stutters .  I shake my head walking towards the principal shaking my head.

"You made a horrible mistake calling anyone without asking us baldie" I spoke lowly making my voice raspy.  

"What you're gonna do is sit on your desk chair prying to god that we don't have to kill you while we make phone calls got it?" I whisper in his ear.  He nods his head causing me to grin. I move my face away from his before stepping back allowing the man to run to his chair.

I look at Alexander before dailing James number

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I look at Alexander before dailing James number. Pulling my phone to my ear tapping my fingers on David desk. After the third ring James answers .

"Hello Drina what can I do for you?" James hums out. I only shake my head in amusement "James we go a problem".

"What's the problem?" He asks with a groan.

"This fucking idiot of a principal called my real family or some shit I'm not to sure" I huff running my fingers through my hair.

"The family on their way as we speak I need you to look into the bardi's which if I'm correct I think we have the American-Italian mafia on our hands" . James goes quiet after I spoke the only thing I could hear from his end is the sound of typing .

After five minutes James gasped loudly into the phone .

"Looks like the de' Bardi's did in face loose twins fifteen years ago drina you're the lost princess of the American mafia" James sequels.

"Shit James this isn't the time to squeal Alexander and I don't have time to play fucking family with anyone right now" I stress looking up at my twin. He was sitting down on one of the office chairs leaning back with his legs thrown up on the desk in front of him. Alex gives me a questioning look. I wave him off avoiding his glare.

"We have shit to do and this family could get in the way!" I whisper shout into the phone standing up. I walk away from a pissed off alex and a scared shitless grown man.

"Drina if you and alex run right now it wouldn't do anything if my hacking silks are right they are outside..." James voice trails off. I cuss under my breathe before hanging up.

"We have to act like we usually do just innocent and stupid I guess" I scoff falling into the chair next to alex. He raises a eyebrow at me before shaking his head. We both turn to the principal "act like you aren't scared of us in front of them got it?".

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