Chapter eighteen .

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I press down on the ear piece turning on the small microphone

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I press down on the ear piece turning on the small microphone. My eyes briefly looked with Alex's grey ones. His face held no emotions as he twirled the leash that was holding shadow. The huge black wolf stood tall next to alex showing off her teeth proudly . Midnight roars loudly next to me making me take my attention off alex.

My eyes scan over the crowd of criminals. Some with family's others who believe family makes you weak .  We are all the same no matter what . All of us are dirty criminals who spilled to much blood. The only difference is who has more power. I'm the one standing tall with alex as we have  the underworld leaders underneath us.

Everyone was whispering taking in my outfit along with Alex's. The crowed was full of assassins, hit men, drug lords, and last but not least mob bosses. All powerful but weak as I look down at them. Hidden guns in their shoes or maybe even knives. All amusing my men didn't notice.

Glasses of wine or whiskey in their hands. Faces blank and dead inside . Most of them are standing tall with cocky personality while the rest seem to be small but their the strongest. My eyes flicker back towards alex who had his eyes set on me already.

"I'm sure you are shocked on the fact we're young" alex voice bounces off the huge walls. It held power as he spoke since all eyes were on him. He slowly walks down the stairs making thumps. Just as he reaches the bottom he turns around facing me holding his hand out.

"Though I am not the boss of the Spanish mafia ella es" he announces. I walk down with midnight slowly grabbing alex hand. We both turn around facing the crowd of criminals. Whispers broke out all over. Midnight let out a growl shutting everyone up. Eyes were on my male tigger as he laid himself down. Shadow on the other hand stood tall embracing her power . (She is) .

"I'm sure you guys are itching for what I have in stored for you" I say loudly locking eyes with Julio. His brown eyes were on me the whole time. Heidi was fluming with rage as she watched my movements. Luke and Eric held respect in their green eyes.

"We will be seeing who's the fasted against these two predators with no morals" I spoke out. Everyone seemed to tense up as their eyes flickered back and forth from a black wolf to a striped tiger bigger than myself. Yet who is much stronger than me knew I was in charge and never dared to harm me. He sensed my power just like I sensed his.

"I advise everyone to go into the backyard my men will guide you out back" alex says looking towards rafael. Rafael stood at the back wearing a black Armani suit. He had a earpiece very visible on the side on his head. His hands wave forward as he walks backwards. People start following him clearly uneasy.

Everyone will be going to show their strong and powerful . Only some will make it out alive my bet is that the ones that seem small to the eye will make it.

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