Chapter twenty.

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My eyes narrow at the twins

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My eyes narrow at the twins. They were both standing around talking amongst gangsters.  Acting as if they didn't almost kill my brother. Speaking of him he  lets out a groan making me take my attention off them and back on him.

"Are you okay dad do I need to get the paramedics to come back?" I ask looking over his body to see if he's still bleeding out.

"I'm fine it just doesn't make sense Alexandra is a mob boss she's supposed to have a good aim" dad groans putting back on his suit. 

"Maybe she didn't want you to die" I mutter rubbing my chin. My eyebrows furrowed as I looked back over at her. Omar was leaning down giving her a hug . She held eye contact with me as she whispered in his ear. What is her game?

"She fucking shot me close to the heart she wants me dead just not yet" He whispers looking over at her. His brown eyes were so doll and sad. All my father wanted was those twins. 

"I just got word my beautiful tigger and his wolf are ready" Alexandra yells clapping her hands. She does a tiny dace smiling brightly. What the actual fuck.  I know damn while she isn't dancing before releasing those fucking big ass animals on us.

"Drug loads this is your time to RUN!" She screams the last part as the sound of rustling leaves fills are ears with her screams of joy . Everyone started to look around for the predators . Woman started to tore their dresses as men watched stupidly. I took off running leaving behind Chris . Shit ain't gonna catch me getting killed by a damn animal.

Alexandra grabs onto my arm jumping up and down

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Alexandra grabs onto my arm jumping up and down. We were now standing on the roof watching down as everyone ran for their lives. The sound of screams filled the air more than the howls of shadow.

"Look brother!" Alexandra exclaims pointing over to big oak tree. Midnight was ripping apart one of the druggies head. His teeth were covered with blood along with his fur. 

"¡medianoche! allá mátalos!" She yells loudly gaining the attention of her four legged beast. Midnight looks over at her letting out a roar before following where she told him to. (Midnight! Over there).

"This shit is getting wild" Rafael chuckles patting my shoulder. I roll my eyes shrugging off his hand. Still don't like people touching me other than my sister even than I don't even like her touch at times.

"It's all bloody heads are all over the place" Alexandra says giggling as she looked at shadow playing with a tore up arm. She's more fucked up than I am.

Our whole backyard has different heads scattered around with different body parts.  Patches of leaves that were supposed to be orange, red, and brown were just purely red.

Trees had hand paints and scratches from those who tried climbing but failed. Pretty fucking funny when they got dragged down by midnight .

Those who made it are across the yard behind the metal gates. Midnight and shadow know not to go over there. The slow and weak are killed the strong and fast are safe and sound most likely trying to calm down.

"Thank the fucking lords shadow killed her the bitch screams gave me a headache"  Rafael whines uncovering his ears. He's right though the bitch screamed louder that Lydia Martin.

"Let's get something to eat while they finish up their dinner?" I ask looking down at my watch. It was almost one in the morning. I'm over this killing shit. This whole gala was about killing the weak or whatever. Everyone is fucking weak it's about who's smart and who's not.

"McDonald's?" Rafael asks holding up the car keys. Alexandra sighs "I don't want McDonald's how about some Mexican food?".

"Mexican food sounds good" I nod my head agreeing with her. We all turned around walking down the stairs back inside our mansion as howls and roars filled the air. The screams of souls being killed were the last thing I heard before Alexandra whining about Rafael walking to slow. I fucking hate being around these idiots sometimes.

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