Chapter 32

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"Tasha! Let's go, you always making us late!" Michael yelled from downstairs.

"I'm coming! Give me a minute damn." I brushed my hair down then looked at myself in the mirror one more time.

"Natasha, Ty said hurry up before he comes up here and drags you out the house." Tamia said after walking in my room.

"Of course he did," I shook my head. "His bottles are already in the refrigerator you just have to heat them up. Our cellphone numbers are right here." I handed her a piece of paper. "If anything happens you call me Tamia. You understand?"

"Yeah I got it, I know what I'm doing Tasha. I have Malik too. Y'all just remember it's twenty dollars an hour." She grinned.

"Mhm we'll remember, call us if you need anything alright." I walked out of my room and down to King's. When I walked in I picked him up out of his crib. "You better be a good boy for Tamia okay, don't drive the girl crazy." I kissed him all over his face then walked out and downstairs.

"About time," Mike said when he saw me. "You look good as fuck."

"Thank you, you look good too. Looks like you put on as much weight as I did." I joked. Michael has definitely put on some weight and it wasn't in a bad way. His body was built for the Gods now.

"This is gym work, my son did all that shit to you. I'm not complaining though."

"Of course you're not." I loved my post baby body, my son went and gave me some hips, an ass and I went a couple of cup sizes. I'm not on Tishaya's level of body but I'm where I want to be.

"Let's go, I'm trying to eat and you taking your slow sweet time."

"You ready to go but you're still standing here talking instead of walking out the door."

"Get smart again," He warned before walking out the front door.

"Oh whatever," I followed behind him closing it as I walked out. "You know where you're going right?"

"Yeah I know, just get your ass in the car."

"Don't be rude Michael," I mushed him in the head really quick before getting in on the passenger side of the car. Fuckin' with this nigga this will be a long ass ride.


"I thought you knew where you were going? Got us here late as fuck," I laughed at Michael after we got out of the car. Two hours of driving and we finally got to the damn party.

"You gave me the wrong address."

"Now why you gotta lie? I gave you this address you were just too hardheaded to listen to me when I told you to turn. I bet you'll listen to me next time."

"Whatever," I couldn't help but laugh again. He was mad as hell and that was completely his business. He grabbed my hand and walked inside the lounge where my aunt was having her party. It had to be at least one hundred people here. It was packed, I'm not surprised though. My aunt is a popular woman.

"You see Chris or Shaya?" I asked Michael. He looked around for a quick second then pointed to his left.

"They're right over there," Before I could look in that direction he was already pulling me over to the booth Chris and Tishaya were sitting in.

"Y'all are forever late somewhere damn."

"That was him, he got lost." I laughed sliding into the booth.

"Oh, well it didn't start that long ago. I guess everybody is running late."

"My aunt didn't get here yet?"

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