Chapter 14

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When I heard my front door close I immediately jetted downstairs. Hitting the last step I saw Natasha stumbling in holding on to Tishaya’s arm. Just when I was about to get on her ass for coming in this muthafucka so late I noticed her clothes. When she left she had on a completely different outfit.

“The fuck you got on?!” I yelled making both of them jump and look at me.

“Ba-bae you supposed to be sle-sleep.” Tishaya slurred. Right when I was about to snatch her ass up my phone rang. I answered when I saw it was Ty.

“Nigga you know where the fuck Tasha at? It’s three in the fucking morning and her ass aint even answering the damn phone.” He spoke in that creepy ass voice he does when he’s pissed off.

“Yeah man she just walked in the door with Shaya. Both of them drunk as fuck. What did she have on when she left your house?”

“A sweat suit why and what the fuck is she doing drunk?”

“I don’t know I’m trying to figure that shit out my damn self. I was asking because that’s not what she got on now. Come get your girl man.”

“I’ll be over there in ten minutes.” I hung up and looked at these drunk ass girls while they snickered in the corner.

“Where the fuck did y’all go?”

“We went out. It’s not a big deal stop yelling.”

“You went out where?” I grabbed her arm and pulled her back to me when she tried to go up the stairs.

“Just out. I rapped to-tonight and everybody loved me babe.” She laughed.

“Rapped where? Stop talking nonsense and tell me where the fuck y’all went.” Of course she wanted to act stubborn. This is the usual for us. Argue until she learns how to shut the fuck up sometimes. Once she gets started she doesn’t know how to stop and shut up.

Our arguing was interrupted by the front door slamming. Looking over we saw Ty standing there with the screw face on. It was obvious that he was pissed off.

“You don’t have to slam my fucking door nigga!” I yelled at him.

“Fuck that door. I just got off the phone with Red. He said these two was up in the fucking club.” He said and I shot a quick glare at Tishaya. “What the fuck you got on Natasha?!” He yelled making her jump.

“Stop yelling it’s not that deep!” She yelled back.

“You drunk too? Aight, let’s go.” He said while snatching her up by her arm.

“Let go of my arm Michael that shit hurts!”

“Hurt? You haven’t seen hurt yet let’s go!” He barked while pulling her out the door. I closed and locked it behind him before turning my attention to Tishaya.

“Why do I have the feeling that this whole dumb ass trip to the club was your idea?” I asked her calmly. I almost scared my damn self, speaking in that tone.  Calm was the last thing I was at this moment.

“We just wanted to have fun.” She slurred while sitting on the steps.

“No your ass just wanted to get back at me. This shit wasn’t about you going out with her.”

“How are you going to tell me what the fuck I was doing?!”

“I know your stupid ass that’s why. If it wasn’t no sneaky shit behind it you would have just said something. Don’t play with me Tishaya. I’m starting to think you’re taking my kindness for weakness.”

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