Chapter 3

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"Tasha!" I heard Tishaya screaming my name from down the hall. I looked to the side and saw her walking over.


"Not much. Homework out the ass. Want to go to the library after we get food?"

"Sounds alright to me. Where you want food from?"

"Blimpies. And I'm getting two fucking foot longs. I'm hungry as fuck for some reason."

"Well let's go then. We catching the bus. Fuck walking." We walked out of the school building and started walking towards the bus stop.

"You had fun at the party right?" She asked me.

"It was alright. Up until your cousin tried that bullshit. Fuck was up with her?"

"I can't even explain it fully. She's just insecure as fuck. But to make it worse the nigga she going crazy over don't even want her ass like that."

"How do you know?"

"I know because the nigga was eyeing you like he wanted to fuck you right at that moment. Then on top of that I saw him pushing her ass away from him earlier. Probably just a nut bust for the nigga."

"That's just sad and nasty. I don't understand how girls just let niggas use them like that."

"Well I always say a nigga can only do to you what you let them do. So if a girl let them use and abuse them. That's on you for taking it." I nodded my head in agreement as we sat down on the bench.

While we were sitting I just let Tishaya vent about whatever was on her mind. I just laughed when shit was funny and the fact that it was Tishaya talking her whole damn story was hilarious. I really do think something is wrong with her ass but that's just me.

"Where the fuck is this damn bus. We been sitting here for like thirty minutes already." I said looking down the street.

"I know. They're really trying it. I'm hungry and these niggas want to take forever and a day. Don't nobody got time for this shit."

"You want to just walk?"

"Hell no. That shit is like eight blocks away. I don't feel like doing the shit."

"Well then let me take you where you need to go." We heard from behind us. Turning around I shook my head at who was standing there.

"Oh look Tasha. It's windy and his main man wild cat." Tishaya said and I couldn't help but laugh. She has problems.

"Oh she got jokes. But I like that. Wassup ma." Breezy said to her with a smirk on his face.

"Hi. What are y'all doing creeping around a high school."

"Nobody was creeping. We saw y'all and stopped. Need a ride?"

"Nope we're good. The bus will here soon."

"Not really. They're not running today. Guess you're not smart enough to watch the news."

"You're playing right?" I asked.

"Nope. They're not running today. I don't have a reason to lie. Just trying to be nice to y'all. It's just a ride don't worry we're not going to kill you."

"Oh I know that's true. You wouldn't do it that easily anyway. What you think Tasha?"

"Um, I don't know. We have been sitting here for a good minute. I really don't feel like walking."

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