Chapter 25

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Opening my eyes I looked to my left and shook my head when I saw Ayisha lying there. How or when the fuck fuck she got here I don't even remember. I guess I drank more than I needed to last night because I don't even remember running into this bitch.

I let out an frustrated sigh as I got off my bed and staggered to the bathroom. Once my hygiene routine was done I came back in my room. I looked at Ayisha and shook my head, the fuck was I thinking. Leaning down I began to shake her away.

"Ayisha get up,"

"Mikey stop, I'm tired."

"I don't give a fuck you have to get up out my spot. Come on, get up." I slapped her hard on the thigh.

"Ugh, why can't I just stay here?"

"Get the fuck up, I don't even remember how you got here. Come on get your shit and get out." I told her just as my phone started playing 'On the Run' signaling Natasha was calling me. "Don't say a damn thing." I said to Ayisha before picking up my phone and answering. "What's up Tasha?"

"Where were you? My appointment was at 12 and you missed it." She spat through the phone. Looking over at the clock I saw it was a little after 2.

"Damn I forgot my bad,"

"How the fuck did you forget? Michael you have one thing to do and that's come to the appointments to see about your child and you can't even do that."

"I said my bad calm the fuck down. I overslept." Of course she didn't listen to me. She just went going on and on about how I was an asshole and all of this other bullshit. Usually I would curse her the fuck out for doing all the extra shit but I know her hormones and emotions got her losing her damn mind.

"Are you even listening to me Michael?!" Natasha screamed in my ear.

"Yeah, damn quit with the fucking yelling. I'm not deaf."

"Look, you need to get your shit together like right now. What were you even doing that you overslept."

"Don't worry about it. I said my bad I didn't miss it on purpose. I wouldn't do that shit."

She sucked her teeth before letting out a heavy sigh. "I know you wouldn't, I'm sorry I'm just...I don't want to do this by myself."

"You're not I told you I got you and I meant that."


"You good? You need anything?"

"No I'm fine; I'm just about to go to sleep. I'll talk to you later I guess."

"Aight, pick up the phone when I call you later."

"I will bye Michael." She said before hanging up.

"I thought you were done with that hoe why are you talking to her?" Ayisha asked me like she had an attitude.

"The fuck is you questioning me for?"

"You said you were ready to be with me and now you're kicking me out and talking to that bitch. Didn't she leave you hanging? What the fuck?" She spat and I just looked at her like she was a fucking idiot.

"See now, I'm not about to do it. I'm not about to slap the shit out of you like I normally would. Get your shit, get dressed and get the fuck out my spot."


"But nothing, when I get out the shower you better not be in here." I told her before going in the bathroom. After taking a long hot shower I came out happy with the fact that she was gone.

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