Chapter 22

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Rushing into the hospital I went straight to the nurse's station. "What room is Natasha Jordan in?" I asked the nurse and she typed on her keyboard.

"Who are you?"

"I'm her mother. Where is she?"

"She's in room 208." She said and I rushed to the elevators and got on. I don't know what was going on all I know is I get a call from this hospital telling me my daughter was here after a shootout in a night club. I don't know what happened but this has her little boyfriend's name written all over it. I know this has something to do with him. Why she won't listen to me and leave him alone I don't know.

Once I got off the elevators I went down the hall and saw Tishaya standing there next to a tall man covered in tattoos. I hope she isn't in on this too. "Tishaya," I called her name and she turned around giving me a confused expression.

"Ms. Jordan? What are you doing here?" She asked walking over to me.

"The hospital called me. Where is Natasha? What happened?"

"She had an anxiety attack she's fine."

"An anxiety attack? Since when does she deal with that kind of problem? What the hell happened?"

"All of that doesn't even matter just know that your daughter is fine." She looked past me. "Here comes the doctor now." I turned around and walked over to the doctor.

"Where is my daughter?"

"Who are you?" He asked.

"Natasha Jordan's mother where is she?"

"She's resting right now. She just got a little bit stressed and her blood pressure was too high. She's fine."

"Thank God, when can she go home?"

"We want to watch her through the night just to make sure everything with her and the baby are good." When he said that I looked at him confused.

"Wait, did you say baby? What baby?"

"She's about sixteen weeks pregnant. You didn't know?"

"No I didn't know." I shook my head. I knew this was going to happen. I told her she was going to end up pregnant. Did she want to listen to me? No of course not.

"Shaya she good?" I heard him say behind me. I turned around and walked over to him slapping him across the face once I got close enough.

"YOU GOT MY DAUGHTER PREGNANT?!" I shouted at him swinging my fist at his face.

Grabbing my wrist he slammed me against the wall. "DON'T PUT YOUR FUCKING HANDS ON ME!"

"Ty let her go move." Tishaya moved in between us pushing him back. "Calm down think about where the fuck you are right now."

"Fuck that bitch! Putting her fucking hands on me like she's fucking stupid." He spat glaring at me.

"You got my sixteen year old daughter pregnant you pedophile!"

"Whoa okay Ms. Jordan you need to calm down and go see about your daughter. Right now is not the time for all of this bullshit." Tishaya said while looking in my direction.

"Watch your mouth little girl do not curse at me. Have some respect for yourself."

"I have a whole lot of respect for myself. You obviously don't, you're in a hospital acting like an idiot. Go see about your daughter. Act like you care for once and go!"

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