Chapter 30 (Part Two)

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"So what happened again?" I asked Natasha. The last time I talked to her, she and Ty were good but they weren't all lovey dovey. They have been all over each other like they never broke up.

"He saw me in the mall with Jay, we came back here and started arguing, he slapped me,"

"Are you fuckin' serious? I hope you hit that nigga back."

"Of course, the fuck I look like not hitting him back. I went off, I was like I'm done take all this shit if you want to it's over for real this time."

"Alright and what the hell happened because you seem fine with him right now."

"Well, he came by one night right."

"Oh lord, are you pregnant again?" Tasha looked at me like I was stupid before hitting my arm.

"Bitch no I'm not pregnant, we just talked. I mean we laid everything out on the table. He told me everything he did when we were together."

"Well what did he do? How many bitches did he fuck?"

"That one bitch and that's it but it was just the moves he was making. He was doing shit that could get him caught up but he stopped himself before it could go far."

"You really believe that?"

"Yes I believe that, he had no reason to lie at that moment. This fool was at bitches houses, strip clubs, doing mad dumb shit."

"Wow, so what happened?"

"I told him what I felt about the situation, as pissed off as I was I didn't lose control. That had to be the realest conversation I've ever had with him to be honest."

"So what's up are y'all back together?"

She giggled while looking over at him. "We're working on it, he's not moving back in just yet. He still has his place."

"Wait so you trust him with his own place?"

"I have to, if he would've moved back in here all that drama would have happened again and don't nobody got time for that. I'm trying to keep myself at a calm place, besides it's not just us anymore. We can't have all of that dysfunction around King."

"Well that's good Tash."

"Yeah I guess," She laughed. "So, are you going to get your man back or what?"

"Oh boy," I rolled my eyes playfully.

"I'm just saying, you know you miss the nigga. He misses you like crazy."

"Oh please, that nigga has the pit-bull to keep him company."

"Girl bye, you don't have all the details. He can't stand her ass."

"So why is he around the bitch? Why did he bring her here?" I glanced over at them and rolled my eyes. I really hate that bitch something serious.

"My guess is she jumped in the car and wouldn't get out. The bitch is basically stalking him. Anywhere he goes she wants to be there. Why the fuck she thought it would be a good idea to come here I don't know. We don't like her ass either."

"I can't get back with him, or at least not right now."


"I was gone for how many months Natasha be for real."

"I am being for real."

"You and Ty didn't just jump right back into it and you have a baby."

"True, but you and Chris are not us. It's best that we take shit slow because neither one of us were ready to be together when we got together. Y'all are different, you belong with him and you know that's true so don't argue with me."

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