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Chapter 38

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“Why isn’t Tishaya coming?”Ashley asked me while I fixed my makeup at my vanity.
“Malik came over for the weekend, and Chris had to go handle something so she’s watching him. I dropped King off to her like three hours ago.”
“Oh okay, well I know she’s bummed she has to stay in.”
“She seemed fine to me,Chris probably wasn’t going to let her out anyway.”
“Why not? Ty is letting you go.”
“He isn’t letting me do anything, I haven’t even spoken to him so his opinion is irrelevant to me right now.”
“What do you mean youhaven’t spoken to him?”
“He left this morning and Ihaven’t heard from him. I know he’s still alive and breathing because he has the energy to send me to voicemail and dead people don’t do that.”
“Well you seem okay, you’re not mad at all?”
“Nope, I’ve learned to not lose my mind about the shit he does. If he’s doing some bullshit I’ll find out about it eventually, I’m not even going to stress myself about it.” Once my makeup was done I left the bathroom and walked straight to my closet getting dressed in there.
“You and Tishaya are finally on some grown shit, I feel that.”
“Man neither one of us had a choice, it’s either grow up and deal with the real or stay childish and get into an argument every five minutes. I don’t have time for that. I’m over the bullshit fights.”
“I know exactly what you mean, at some point it becomes too much of a headache. I let Red go and handle his business if I find out some foolishness then we’ll have an issue. Until then I’m good and so is my daughter.”
“How is lil mama anyway?”
“She’s good, my baby is a little diva for real.”
“What do you expect when you are the way you are?” Ashley was a prissy somebody, cool as hell just prissy as fuck with it.
“So I’m teaching her right, forget all of that. Are you done or nah?”
“Yeah come on,” I came out of my closet and grabbed my purse off my bed.
“Amber did your hair?”
“Yeah, I got sick of the bob. I needed length in my life again. Are you driving or am I?”
“That depends, did you get your license yet?”
“Yes I got my license,” I laughed. “Peanut head made me go take the test, I don’t know why he was on my back about it. I was doing just fine without it.”
“Driving illegally isn’t cute, especially if you get pulled over. You can drive I need a drink.”
I grabbed her arm. I grabbed Michael’s car keys then walked down to the garage. Ashley started to walk over to the G Wagon but I grabbed her arm.
“Nah we’re not taking that.”
“So we’re taking the Audi? Cool with me.”
“Nope not that either, we’re taking this one.” I pointed to Michael’s matte purple Aventador.
“Oh hell no Tasha that nigga will kill you if you crash his shit. You know how these niggas are with their Lambos.” She made a really good point. Michael, Chris, Red, Black and Jayce all had sick car collections but they will catch a body for their Lamborghini’s. They cost a grip so I get it but damn, it’s just a car.
“I’m not going to crash, I know how to drive.”
“So you drove something this fast before?”
“Not exactly but I know what I’m doing. Ashley don’t be scary just come on.”
“So he won’t be mad at you for taking his car? Didn’t he just get it customized?”
“Yeah so what, and he won’t know. I’m driving this car, if you want to get in yours and follow me that’s cool but my ass is hopping in this shit.” I shrugged then got in the car. Ashley stood there for a minute like she was weighing her options then finally hopped in after a few seconds.
“Do not go fast, and you’re not drinking tonight. I’m not about to lose my damn life fucking with you. We have kids, remember that.”
“I know, now quit worrying and put your seat belt on.” We both buckled up then I adjusted the seat for my height. “You ready?”
“I’m about two seconds away from peeing on myself but I’m good. Let’s just go.”
Laughing I turned the radio all the way up and pulled out of the garage and down the drive way. I’m not going to lie I was a little bit nervous just because controlling this car was way different than any other car I’ve driven. This shit was faster than I intended but I think I was doing a good job.
“You alright?” I glanced at Ashley in the passenger seat.
“Yeah, you’re actually not bad. I think we’re good.”
“I told you, just relax. Tasha has you girl.” The drive to the club was fast and filled with laughs from Ashley and her corny jokes. When we pulled up to the club I found a park and got out.
As we walked through the parking lot we earned stares from scantily clad women and niggas trying to prove a point. Of course we heard a few cat calls, but they got ignored like they always do.
“Aye Tasha, what kind of car does Ty drive usually?”
“His black Phantom why?”
“Isn’t that it right over there?” She pointed to her right. Looking over I raised my eyebrow after I read the license plate.
“That’s his car, this nigga out partying but can’t answer the phone? See now if it was work I wouldn’t care but he’s on some bullshit.”
“We can leave and go to another spot.”
“Nah, we’re going in here. I’m about to see his ass, let’s go. You know dude at the door right?”
“Yeah, come on.” When we got to the entrance of the club Ashley talked to the bouncer for a few then he let us in. “He said they were up in vip. It’s this way.” While we walked to where we needed to go I was trying to calm myself down. No matter what he was going to hear some words I just had to make sure shit didn’t escalate from there.
Once we got to the section they were at the guard let Ashley and I through. I looked around for Michael and almost got frustrated when I didn’t see him but when my eyes finally landed on him I tapped Ashley and pointed at him.
“Bruh tell me that is not that bitch Ayisha in his face.” I said in her ear. When she looked over her eyes went wide letting me know I wasn’t losing my mind and I was actually seeing this shit.
He was sitting there while this big bitch was practically on his lap. I took a couple of breaths trying to calm down because I wanted to go over there and raise complete hell but then I had to remember I’m trying to grow and this nigga will flip on me if I make a scene so I had two choices. I could either do what I wanted to do and snatch the bitch bald, or I could just handle the situation maturely.
It really didn’t take me long to make my mind up, I walked right over with Ashley behind me and snatched this bitch by the roots. When I pulled her away from him he looked up at me shocked.
“The fuck is you doing Tasha?!” He shouted standing to his feet.
“What am I doing? The fuck is you doing with this bitch in your face.”
“I was talking and that’s it, let the girl go.” Looking down at Ayisha who was trying her hardest to get her hair out of my hand I sucked my teeth and let the bitch go. Once I did she decided to get stupid and she tried to kick me, mind you this hoe has heels on. I took that real personal so I popped her in the mouth twice. I only got her twice because super save a hoe Michael pulled me away from her. While this bitch went on a loud ass rant.
“I SWEAR TO GOD BITCH YOU DEAD! WATCH YOUR BACK!” She screamed while a guard helped her up.
“Shut your hoe ass up you’re not about to do shit I’ll fuck you up!” I was about to walk towards her again but he pulled me away again. This time further away from everybody.
“Calm your little ass down, why the fuck are you trippin?”
“I’m trippin about your ex being in your fucking face? The bitch was practically on your damn lap.”
“One, she’s not my ex.”
“Well excuse me, my bad I mean the bitch you had fucking and sucking you before. The fuck do you have to talk about?”
“She was saying some bullshit alright, it was nothing deep just chill the fuck out.”
“Fine whatever, get that bitch up outta here though. If I see her big ass I’m snuffing the shit out of her.”
“You’re not going to see her because you’re leaving. The fuck you doing here and what you got on?” He looked me up and down with a frown on his face.
“I have clothes on and I’m not leaving. I came out to have a good time that’s what I’m going to do. If you have a problem with that, oh well.”
“Oh well?” He chuckled bitterly. “I’m not about to do this with you. Just go home the fuck is my son anyway.”
“He’s with Tishaya and I’m not going home. What’s wrong? I can’t be here because you are? What you think I’m about stop the groupies from getting to you or something?”
“It aint shit like that you just need to go, this isn’t a place for you so get your ass home.”
“Whatever Michael I’m not leaving.” I started to walk away from him but he grabbed my arm and pulled me back.
“I’m not playing with you; I’m not in this bitch partying. I’m working, get Ashley and get the fuck out of here. I’m serious.”
“Be serious I’m not leaving whatever,” I snatched my arm out of his grip and started to walk back over to Ashley. Just as I was about to get close to her shots rang out.
“GET DOWN!” I heard Michael yell before feeling somebody jump on top of me after pulling my body down. I guess he wasn’t playing about working, damn.

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