Chapter 36

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“Damn, well what did she say?” I asked Tishaya. She just filled me in on all the drama going on with her sister; it’s making me feel bad for what I put my mother through. Hot damn.

“Saying she likes him and all this other bullshit. I can’t take her bruh; I’m about ten minutes from killing her.”

“I missed all of that? Damn,” I slid into the booth and picked up my menu. This bitch decided she was hungry so she wanted to stop somewhere to eat.

“Yes, you’ve been missing in action for the last three weeks and shit.”

“It wasn’t on purpose nor was it my decision. Michael moved back in so you know how that went.”

“Getting that ass cracked, don’t get pregnant again.”

“I’m not, trust me I am not about to have two kids before I even hit my twenties. I’m good. Enough about me what about Tamia?”

“The demon spawn? Natasha I swear to God I am going to kill that girl one of these days.”

“Calm down, retail therapy is supposed to make you feel better.”

“Oh please this did nothing but make more of a headache. As soon as Chris sees these bags he’s going to bitch at me. I just want to eat so I can go home and hopefully take a damn nap.”

“Order then,” I called the waitress over and both of us told her our orders before she walked away. “So I’m guessing you don’t want to have kids now.”

“Man, I don’t even know. If this is what the future holds for me we’re going to have an issue. I’m not built for jail and if my kids come out anything like Tamia I’m going to commit murder.”             

“You can’t base your kids off of the way Tamia is acting. Her mother raised her to be the way she is, you have to raise your kids the way you want them to grow up. Like seriously, I’ll be damned if my son is anywhere near as disrespectful as Michael is. I will beat his ass like a nigga on the street.”

“Is it weird being someone’s parent? Like all of a sudden everything isn’t about you. You’re responsible for this whole other life.”

“It’s an adjustment for sure, the shit is no joke. It’s not bad though, maybe it’s because I didn’t have to think or worry about my finances and Michael was right there.”

“I just think it’s too soon for me to think about babies. Hell I’m 18 and married, that’s enough on me. Besides I have enough on my plate dealing with Tamia and she’s not even my child.”

“You’ll be alright, just let the girl make her fuck ups. I’m sure she’s going to be learn from them. She’s still on punishment?”

“No, my parents only put her on punishment for two damn weeks. Her little ass should be on lock down for at least three months.”

“So what is she doing now?”

“Supposedly out with her friends doing something. I don’t damnit know, and right now I don’t care.”

“Well alright then,” I shrugged my shoulders just as her phone rang.

“Can I have a day man? Damn,” Tishaya sucked her teeth as she rummaged through her purse. When she pulled her phone out she looked at it confused. “Who the fuck is this?”

“You don’t recognize the number?”

“No,” She shook her head a little before answering. “Who this? Blake? What the hell are you calling me for I don’t like your bad influence ass. What? How the fuck did that happen? Why didn’t she call me? What the hell do you have my sister into? Bruh I swear to God when I get my hands on you I’m beating the complete shit out of you then you can go get your mother and I’ll do the same to that bitch. Yeah whatever,” Tishaya spat then hang up the phone.

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