Chapter 12

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"Ready?" I asked when I walked in the bedroom.

"For what? You can drive yourself to work."

"Michael you said you were going to take me to get my cousin then dropping me off at the store."

"I don't remember that shit." I sucked my teeth and leaned against the wall.

"How do you not remember? It was just last night."

"Tasha I don't remember agreeing to that shit. Why I got to take you? I gave you my car for a reason."

"Yes but you also told me to not let anybody drive it. So how is she supposed to come here and drop her stuff off? I have to work."

"So what the fuck you want me to do."

"You can stop cursing at me for one and you can do what you said you were going to do. I just need you to drop her off here."

"Wait here? Who the fuck said she was staying here?"

"You did! Oh my God do you not pay attention when we talk?"

"If it's important then yeah. I don't know who your cousin why would I let them stay here?"

"So where is she supposed to go?"

"I don't know. Better figure something out. She can't stay here though." He kissed my cheek then walked out.

It took all of me not to trip his ass when he walked by. He makes me sick with that shit. Only listens when it's convenient for him.

"Whatever the fuck you thinking about me speak that shit up and say it ma." I heard him yell from downstairs.

"Nobody is thinking about you Michael so get over yourself thank you very much." I said while I walked downstairs.

"Smart mouth. Want a repeat of last night?" He gritted in my ear. I just clenched my jaw. He tried it last night.


"You're over doing it Michael we were just talking." I yelled while walking upstairs. We had just came back from Chris's house and he was throwing a fit over Dutch talking to me.

"I don't give a fuck. I told you to avoid that nigga."

"So I can't talk to him? Why? The fuck is you so threatened by him for?"

"Threatened? The fuck do I need to be threatened by that pretty boy ass nigga for? Natasha stop fucking talking before I make you."

"You're the one going off because I was talking to somebody. You were sitting right there it's not like he touched me. He just asked me about school."

"I don't give a fuck if he asked you about your damn family if I say stay away from him that's what the fuck you do."

"Can't even believe you're insecure." Before I could do or say anything else he grabbed me by my throat and slammed me against the wall.

"On some serious shit Natasha shut the fuck up! I'm trying to not hurt you but you're not making it easy ma. Don't do it yourself. You understand what I'm saying?"

"Let me go!" I yelled as much as I could. I couldn't yell that loud just because this nigga had a grip on my neck.

"Or what?!" He asked while roughly sucking on my neck.

"St-stop Michael." He knew damn well he was not playing fair. I was supposed to be mad not ready for him to fuck me silly.

"Tell me ma." Feeling him run his hand up my skirt he moved my panties to the side. "You know daddy doesn't like when you have an attitude right?"

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