Chapter 27

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This has been the weekend from complete hell. Why did this nigga have to go and get pulled over on a damn Friday? I've been in this bitch all weekend and I was just about to hit my breaking point. I couldn't take this, I was not built for this confinement shit. I don't know why the fuck I didn't think everything through before I claimed that shit but it's nothing I can do about it now. The deal is done, I have to take whatever they throw at me and deal with the fuckin' consequences.

"Porter! You made bail let's go!" The guard opened the cell and led me out. If I was in there for one more second I was bound to go crazy.

"Where's my ring?" I asked the cop sitting behind the desk. I got my necklace, my earrings, and some other bs that I had on me when we got pulled over but my ring wasn't with the rest of my stuff.

"What ring?"

"My engagement ring, where is it? I know I had it on my finger when I came in here so why the hell isn't it with the rest of my shit?"

"I don't know what you're talking about?"

"I see you muthafuckas are trying hard to keep me in here. Give me my fuckin' ring," I tried to remain as calm as I possibly could but this nigga was trying me.

"There was no ring in here so you need to just go about your business."

"I'll go about my business when I get my fuckin' ring back! Do not fuck with me right now I'm already annoyed, I will reach over and snatch your esophagus out your damn throat. Give me my ring I am not playing!"

"You want to get locked up again?"

"I don't give a damn I'll make bail it's really nothing. Give me my shit!" I guess the crazy look I had in my eyes scared his punk ass because sure enough he bent down for a second then put my ring on the table. "You didn't know what I was talking about though right?"

"You don't even need a ring that big." He said as if he was trying to justify taking my shit.

"Listen; don't get mad because my ring is more than your salary for next ten years okay? Hating is not okay." Clutching my ring in my hand I rolled my eyes at the officer one more time before walking to the area where Chris was waiting for me.

Of course when he saw me he tried to hug me but I wasn't for that right now so I didn't even bother hugging him back.

"Are you alright? They didn't touch you or anything did they?" He asked after letting me go.

"I'm fine can we go now?" Not waiting for his answer I walked past him out the door and went straight to the car getting in after. When he got in he looked at me then tried to grab my hand but I moved it.

"Tishaya really? I know you're not still mad at me."

"Can you just drive?"

"No you need talk to me, what the fuck are you still mad at me for? I didn't kiss that bitch she kissed me."

"You kissed her back! It takes four lips to kiss Chris and two of those were yours, then you tried to lie to me about it like I can't tell when you're bullshitting."

"I was trying to avoid a dumb ass argument."

"How did that work out for you?"

"So what are you going to do? Stay pissed off at me? How the fuck are we supposed to get married if you can't let petty shit go?"

"Don't put this off on me. You're the one who had your lips on somebody else. I'm at home with your son and you're kissing on his fuckin' mother. How are we supposed to get married if you can't even open your mouth to tell me something instead of lying like a little ass kid? Answer that question for me."

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