Chapter 28

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“Stop crying I’m here,” I rocked King slowly after putting his pacifier in his mouth, but that didn’t stop him. He just kept crying.

“Let me get him,” Michael came in the room and said. He didn’t even wait for me to say okay he just took him right out of my arms. “Cut the tears out man, Kings don’t cry.” I’m not even about to lie I felt some type of way. It’s like as soon as he hears Michael’s voice he calms down but he wants to wail like a dying dinosaur with me. It’s really unfair.

“That’s not right, he always stops with you.”

“We just have an understanding. Don’t worry about it.” He kissed King’s cheek and rocked him. A smile graced my face watching him.

Michael is a great father, it’s almost mind blowing to me how amazing he is. It’s not that I didn’t think he had it in him or didn’t care, Mike just has this hard cover around him, he doesn’t let too many people in or show his emotions. When he’s around King it’s like he’s this whole other person. I’m just grateful me and him are at a good place.

These last couple of months has been somewhat stressful, thankfully he wasn’t the cause of my stress. Well not really, he still worked my damn nerves but he’s been good for the most part. After Tishaya left he cleaned his act up. Don’t ask me why because I really don’t even know what brought on the sudden change but I’m not complaining.

Speaking of Tishaya, she’s been doing well. She’s not even in Miami anymore she got her ass on a plane and went to DC to stay with her aunt. I talk to her everyday so I know what’s going on with her, Chris calls me all the time trying to know about her situation and if she’s good. They haven’t spoken since before she packed her stuff and dipped out.

Now he’s with Teyana, or should I say fucking Teyana. We all know it’s nothing more to it then that at least on his end but that bitch is living on the island of delusion. She swears up and down that she and Chris are going to get married and end up happily ever after. Can you say foolish?

Michael rocked King until he drifted off back to sleep. He kissed her forehead then put him down in his crib. I turned his room light off then walked out with Mike right behind me.

“I was thinking about taking him to see my mother.” Michael told me as we walked downstairs.

“I don’t know how I feel about that.”

“What do you mean?”

“Your mother is crazy, I know that’s your blood but she’s disrespectful as hell.” His mother wasn’t on my friend list at the moment.

“So is your mother.”

“I know that why do you think I don’t have him around her either.” I haven’t seen my mother since that day she found out I was pregnant. She calls but I just don’t answer. I really don’t have time to be chastised about my life decisions. All she wants to do is get on me about what I’m doing wrong and I’m not trying to hear it so she got cut off.

“Well this is different. My mother has a reason to act the way she does.”

“No she doesn’t, her drug addiction is not an excuse for her to be rude to me. She showed her whole entire ass at my baby shower.”

Shaking his head Michael let out a deep sigh. I could tell he didn’t want to hear this right now but it needed to be said. She was so damn disrespectful for no reason. Here I was being the nice person and invited her to my baby shower and she decided to act out. The old bitch almost sent me into premature labor.

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