Chapter 19

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I was sitting in Amber’s salon chair waiting for her to finish my hair. I’ve been here for about an hour and my ass was damn near asleep. I wasn’t complaining though Amber was worth the wait. She has skills like no other. She will freak the hell out of your hair.

I’ve been coming to her the past couple of weeks. As soon as I found out she owned this place I made it my permanent hair salon and she’s become my permanent hair stylist. I love coming here not only because she knows what she’s doing but because it was always a fun atmosphere. There is always some type of debate going on and I loved it. It reminded me of those beauty salons you would see in the movies.

“What did Ty say about school?” Amber asked.

“He doesn’t have a problem with me going, even if he did I was going to go but him being alright with it makes shit easier.”

“I still don’t understand why he made you quit your job.”

“Apparently he doesn’t want me working under anybody. He said if I want to be in a boutique all day he could just buy me one.”

“Is he going to?”

“If I ask he will but I don’t want him too. I want to get my degree first so that I know what I’m doing. I wouldn’t jump in head first just because he has the money to pull it off.”

“You want to be independent, nothing wrong with that at all.”

“I know, I’ll have my stuff together I’m not worried about it.”

“Good, don’t be.” She worked on my hair a little bit more before turning my chair around to face the mirror. “You are done my dead. You like it?”

Smiling I got up off the chair and looked closer in the mirror. “In the words of Shaya’s ratchet ass yass bitch yas!” We laughed. I loved my hair, this layered bob really looked good on me if I do say so myself.

“I told you I got you.”

“I love it Amber thank you.”

“Not a problem. What are you about to go do?”

“Eat then go home. It’s not much for me to do. I need to hurry up though before Michael finds out I ditched that damn security guard.”

“You love pissing that man off. I’ll come with you to go get something to eat though. I’m hungry.” She said while removing the cape from around my neck then brushing off any hair that was on me.

“Alright, hurry up though I’m hungry as hell.”

“I’m coming shut up. Let me go get my stuff.” Nodding I sat back in the chair while she went to her office.

While I was going through my twitter I could have sworn I felt somebody staring at me. Looking over I saw two girls grilling me like they were stupid. Shaking my head I chose to ignore it, I was not about to go at it in public with two bitches I don’t even know. That makes no sense.

“Yeah that’s her, bitch thinks she cute.” Somebody said. Not really thinking anything I sat back just as my phone rang. Looking at my screen I sighed seeing it was Michael calling me.

I already knew he was about to let me have it.

“Yes?” I said after answering.

“Why the fuck did you leave the guard Natasha?!” His voice blared through the phone. See I knew he was going to do this.

“I didn’t want to walk around with a big ass guard attached to my hip. What was he going to do? Sit in the salon with me all day?”

“Hell yeah, that’s what he’s getting paid for. He’s coming to the salon now don’t do this shit again Natasha I’m not fucking playing.”

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